Power your profits: Meaning behind the message

| By:
Arnie Bellini

IT Nation 2015 introduced opportunities to power your profits by gaining maximum efficiency in 4 key business areas. The idea of powering your profits is so much more than a theme for an event. The message behind it permeates the underlying reason why we do what we do at ConnectWise®. We design solutions that help you reach your definition of success.

Now let’s start with a couple of questions.

If you were asked to define what “profit” means to you, what would you say? Money is a fair answer. Now what if the question were rephrased to ask: when you think of value, what comes to mind? Is it different from your first answer?

Within the concept of powering your profits, we’ve defined profit as not just what you make financially. It may start with money, but it’s really about what else you gain. With more revenue, you gain more time with family, extra money to travel, or funding for a side project that drives your passion. Those things have value beyond dollars and cents.

Whatever you seek to gain from your business, whatever you’ve set out to accomplish, we’ll help you get there using best practices we put into action right here at ConnectWise, embodied in these 4 components: passion, product, process, and people.

“Nothing great can happen without beginning first with passion. If you’re not passionate, you can’t possibly make it great!” – Jim Collins, IT Nation 2012 Keynote Speaker

Great things start with passion.

What inspires you to get up and go to work every day? What keeps you motivated to make your business bigger and better with each passing year? Whatever your personal answer is, that is your why – the reason you do what you do.

If you’ve ever been to one of our annual events, (IT Nation, Automation Nation, Quotation Nation) you can feel a certain energy in the air when you walk through the halls. That energy is created by people with a shared passion for technology coming together to explore new ways to take their business to the next level.

We’ll help you keep that passion fueled by providing you with industry best practices and solutions that truly add to the value to your business.

“Rather than innovating their way to success, all too often many institutions focus their energy on preserving the problem that their current solutions solve.” –Josh Linkner, IT Nation 2014 Keynote Speaker

We’re driven by people, not products. We place value in building lasting relationships. That’s why we use the term “partners” instead of clients or customers. It’s about the partnership, and the spirit of being in this together.

Whether you create a physical product or sell services (services are, in a sense, products in their own way), our software solutions are designed to help you manage your business better, so you can create, promote, and sell more efficiently.

We’ve dedicated ourselves to developing innovative products that help you stay one step ahead of sweeping industry movements, and providing the insight to help you stay in-the-know at all times. It’s just what we do.

“The way we’ve always done it is the biggest hurdle we face going forward successfully into the future.” –Daniel Burrus IT Nation 2011 Keynote Speaker

What hurdles are you currently trying to jump? Have you lost visibility into your operations? What would make your business more effective? What would make it run smoother, more efficiently?

Let’s fix the things that are holding your business back from maxing out its potential.

Through a combined effort between you, the decision-makers at your business, and our team, we’ll equip you with our streamlining solutions and best practices to ensure that you’re ready to take on new practice areas to add more value to your services expand your client base, and grow your earnings.

We won’t let you settle for satisfactory.

Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything - for better or for worse." –Simon Sinek, IT Nation 2013 Keynote Speaker

Grade-A services aren’t possible without a team committed to excellence.

Your people are the real engine room of your company. They are what drives your business forward. We’ll provide you with industry best practices for creating and maintaining a healthy company culture, so you can provide your people with an environment that breathes innovation.

And we’ll help you fuel that passion all year.

So why are we doing this? Because we’re passionate about your success. Because we believe in developing solutions that increase revenue, and add to the value of your business. Because we know that efficient processes will help your business grow through industry shifts.

And because powering your profits, helping you gain value, is infused into our own company culture.

To learn more about the new unified ConnectWise and our singular vision, watch the IT Nation 2015 keynote.