10 sales and marketing tips for TSPs

| By: Scott Marshall

Generating a steady lead pipeline is essential to survival for technology solution providers (TSPs). As markets contract and close rates decline, a higher number of leads are needed to maintain base-level growth projections. To maximize your lead-generation efforts, here are proven ways to feed your sales and marketing engine:

5 marketing tips

If finances are tight, consider refining the organic marketing channels you’re already using—website, social media, email, etc. Look for opportunities to deliver a smoother customer experience. By ironing out bumps in the customer journey, you can significantly improve your close rate.

1. Apply inbound marketing best practices

While organic marketing channels are free to use, be sure to invest time in crafting messaging and content that captures the interest of the individuals you’re trying to win as clients. Inbound marketing campaigns often require a greater up-front strategy investment because their success relies on their shareability. Having accurate buyer personas, clever creative, and engagement tracking in place can improve outcomes.

2. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Knowing and writing about what your customers search for can significantly improve organic traffic to your website. There are a number of SEO tools that can be used to determine which keywords and phrases have the highest search volume in your market. You can then include relevant terminology on key website pages to rank higher in searches for those words.

Avoid: Simply stuffing high-volume keywords into your website. This won’t improve your organic rankings. Google refers to this as ‘click bait’ or ‘keyword stuffing’ and uses algorithms that deprioritize this type of content. Aim to include key terms in a way to creates value for your readers.

Bonus tip: Include a clear call to action on every webpage. While this activity might not necessarily improve your site’s SEO value, it enhances the customer experience by making it easier for visitors to learn more about key topics or contact you.

3. Email marketing strategy refinement

If you’re experiencing low engagement with email marketing, try removing inactive contacts and testing a different strategy. According to Hubspot, the average email open rate for organizations in the business services space is 20%.

If your open rates are lower, don’t fret. One study revealed that personalizing the email subject line can improve open rates by as much as 50%. This could include addressing the individual by name or serving up a unique offer or piece of content.

To rank the effectiveness of your email subject lines, try this free tool.

Beyond catchy subject lines, your clients need relevant and timely information. When crafting email content, focus on helping the recipient address a core challenge.

4. Build your social media following

A strong social media presence can attract new business. Maintaining a company page on popular social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter is a smart move for TSPs interested in growing their online presence and sales pipeline. Regularly sharing company updates, industry news, thought leadership, and contests helps improve organic engagement with your brand.

5. Start a referral program

Some of the best new clients come from existing customers. While you may get referrals without an established referral program in place, formalizing the process can reinforce the behavior with meaningful perks—discounts, early access to new programs/services, etc.

For more low-cost marketing ideas, try 10 Tips to Build Brand Awareness When Money Is Tight.

5 sales tips

1. Expand into new verticals

Breaking into new, high-growth vertical markets, such as healthcare and bio tech, can help your organization continue to reach sales projections in the face of seismic economic shifts.

2. Offer security services

With more employees working remotely, the need for security services is growing. Explore Security-as-a-Service opportunities and challenges, learn how to sell security services to existing customers, and get advice from partners who’ve already made the move.

3. Sell backup and disaster recovery services

Providing business continuity services is a great way to help customers protect their data. Since many businesses struggle to effectively recover after a major data breach or natural disaster, a BDR service is essential to ensuring organizational resilience and longevity. Learn how to sell BDR services.

Close more deals

In times of economic uncertainty, it will be especially difficult for your sales team to close deals. Here are a few ways to deliver the best sales experience possible:

4. Monitor renewals

Don’t let good business expire. Discover how ConnectWise can serve as your renewals engine, or learn how to strengthen your renewals strategy.

5. Personalize your approach

People buy from people. Remember to include personal touches in your sales interactions that let prospective clients know you’ve been paying attention to their specific requests.

What happens after the sale?

A smooth sales-to-service handoff is part of delivering a superior customer experience. Take time to make sure this transition meets the expectations you’ve set with clients. Happy and profitable clients often refer other good business your way, so invest the time in getting the sales-to-service handoff right.

Measure sales and marketing efforts

One metric you’ll want to follow is your customer acquisition cost (CAC). Keeping this number as low as possible is the name of the game. Done well, organic marketing strategies can help to significantly reduce your company’s cost per lead and reduce your overall CAC.

How BrightGauge can help

Make sure you’re driving the intended results by tracking sales and marketing efforts. Tools like BrightGauge®, a ConnectWise solution, deliver sales leaderboards and dashboards that sync in real-time, so you’ll always have visibility into the status of your sales process. To learn more about this ConnectWise solution, click here.