Manage Microsoft Cloud Services with CloudConsole Synnex

| By: Craig Fulton

Cloud services are undeniably becoming a crucial part of the IT world. With several convenient uses, from providing ready-made software sandboxes, to storage for backup and disaster recovery files, it’s no wonder cloud management being asked for by small businesses and large corporations alike.

But the story is slightly different for technology solution providers (TSPs). Instead of enthusiasm, there’s more hesitation about cloud services. How does a TSP offer these services and turn a profit on them? How do you manage an invisible environment?

As the need for a systematic and accurate way to manage the cloud has grown, the ConnectWise team has been hard at work developing advanced integrations to provide TSPs with a consolidated cloud service management system: CloudConsole. It started with Microsoft® Office 365™ and Azure™, and now includes distribution, starting with Synnex!

Streamline Your Management

Synnex is a leading IT distributor of end-to-end customer care outsourced services that help increase the effectiveness of customer engagement strategies for their partners. By integrating Synnex with CloudConsole, TSPs can use a single application to not only manage, monitor, and bill, but also purchase and provision Office 365 and Azure licenses.

CloudConsole centralizes cloud management for TSPs by making it possible to manage, monitor and bill for Office 365 and Azure resources. And now, with the integration to Synnex, TSPs can purchase and provision cloud licenses from a single pane of glass. Instead of working through multiple windows to access Synnex distribution portals, these processes can all be managed solely through CloudConsole.

Changes, updates, and other maintenance is also made simpler with this platform, helping TSPs save valuable time so the focus can be providing the outstanding service you’ve centered your reputation around.

One Stop Shop with More to Come

At ConnectWise, we know how important versatility is in creating a legacy business. That’s why we’re opening CloudConsole’s APIs to allow for even more integrations that will increase the advantages for our partners. To learn more about our cloud service management endeavors, visit us at