Improve your business by beating the Silos of Chaos

| By: Jeff Bishop

The Silos of Chaos® may not be a brand-new concept to the IT industry, but it is still something that continually plagues businesses. This is because it’s fairly easy to be ‘heads down’—operating in your own little world—and become siloed from the rest of the company. Silos of Chaos can take a huge toll on the health of your company’s bottom line, as well as the personal well-being of you and your team.

What are the Silos of Chaos?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines chaos as “a state of utter confusion.” When you take a look at the impact of organizational isolation in your business, or “silos,” it is easy to see how a level of nonconformity in the business structure can lead to a lack of communication, a lack of understanding, and a lack of streamlined processes—resulting in a culture of chaos.

How to escape the Silos of Chaos
  • Make business process improvement a priority

Unless processes are established and blanketed across the board, most companies will naturally gravitate toward the Silos of Chaos. This is relatively normal because it’s so easy to oversee the lack of unity and just let it happen—but operating without consideration to the Silos of Chaos doesn’t create a scalable foundation.

Working in silos diminishes visibility into vital information running through your business. One of your technicians might know a customer needs service, but if it’s not documented in a way that holds people accountable, it may fall through the cracks. This is why it’s all on you to keep things running smoothly and stress-free.

A good way to do this is to establish uniform company processes and open channels of communications between your current company work silos. This way, everybody is on the same page and work gets done more efficiently and with more confidence. Life is unpredictable—but your business operation doesn’t have to be.

  • Let go of disjointed systems

As a managed service provider (MSP), you’re constantly running into roadblocks in your day-to-day operations that keep you from efficiently managing your business. You spend so much time putting out fires that you’ve got nothing left to put back into your organization, that you find yourself being spread too thin. In this business scenario, you either need to make a change, or run the risk of being left behind.

By using award-winning ConnectWise products, you’ll have the tools and solutions to streamline your processes and get your teams on the same page. Take back control and start focusing on tasks to improve revenue, eliminate headaches, and invest in your business for the future.

ConnectWise Manage® is a professional services automation (PSA) tool designed to help you control the chaos in your as-a-service business by streamlining processes across the board. If you want to take control of the disorder in your business, you need to keep your team accountable.

Go from chaos to order and control

Once you integrate solutions into your business, you’ll start to notice a change from a chaotic atmosphere to a more focused, more collaborative company culture. Eliminate the Silos of Chaos in your business and reap the following benefits:

Benefit #1: Reduced employee turnover

Your people are your greatest asset. Silos of Chaos leads to frustrated employees. Last year alone, 80% of MSP respondents said they have had one or more technicians jump ship to work for another organization with a more predictable work cadence. The Silos of Chaos in your business can cause a major increase in employee churn due to:

  • Duplicate data entry
    • Leads to unwanted headaches and project delays
    • Causes a lack of information to complete one’s job (time, notes, status, updates, etc.)
    • Creates need for manual invoicing
  • Employee dissatisfaction
    • Leads to increased cost for your MSP; The cost of losing an employee in the first year is approximately on and a half to three times that employee’s salary, and hiring and training new staff can amount to over $10,000 for your business

However, when everyone is on the same page at the same time, employees are happier, and churn decreases. Things quickly begin to calm down when the proper solutions are put in place—such as incorporating automation software or a streamlined process interface.

When information is at everyone’s fingertips, communications flow easily and customers sense confidence at every stage of their project. Eliminate working in silos in your MSP and who knows, you might find yourself on your way to that well-deserved vacation!

Benefit #2: Greater success with business offerings

To be successful in as-a-service, you need to offer an excellent customer experience—and it’s hard to offer great solutions with the Silos of Chaos. You simply can’t provide an excellent customer experience when it’s hard to find crucial information about your customers or if your employees are unhappy because of how tedious it is to work through disjointed systems.

The same rings true for any new practice area you’d like to add, such as security or cloud services. Our guide to success in your as-a-service business outlines how to create a lasting relationship with customers to help you establish a repertoire for an excellent customer experience.

You need to take control in your MSP and eliminate working in silos. ConnectWise is here to help with our award-winning software solutions. Beat the Silos of Chaos in your business and get back to what’s most important—your business.