Clearing the Air on Your Top 4 Cloud Concerns

| By: Craig Fulton

The cloud is the future of IT, and the future is here! We’re here to offer support and solutions for anyone who’s ready to provide crucial cloud services to their clients without worrying about messy billing processes.

If you’re a technology solution provider reselling Office 365, or considering doing so, you have the chance to bring more value to your clients without losing the money your business relies on. If you’re worried about how you can continue to build revenue as the market turns its focus to the cloud, or you’re worried about the complexities of managing and monitoring for the cloud, there is a better way.

The Digital Revolution is Here

The entire landscape of IT is changing with the onset of the cloud, and that means technology solution providers like you have a fantastic opportunity to help your clients make a seamless transition to the cloud, with you and your clients growing even faster thanks to the cloud’s elasticity and capability for innovative growth.

If you have reservations about the cloud, you’re not alone. We’ve heard some repetitive concerns from partners and prospective partners, so we’re here to deliver some peace of mind around how you can benefit from the cloud instead of worrying about it. Let’s take a look at four common reservations when it comes to the cloud, and how to address them.

1. It’s too complicated, and my clients don’t see the point.

If your clients are coming to you concerned about the cloud, you can ask them one simple question. “Could you benefit from the ability to perform essential tasks any time, from anywhere?” I can’t imagine anyone in today’s industry saying no. As their trusted advisor, help ease your client’s mind with the assurance that introducing Office 365 in the cloud will save time and hassle for everyone involved.

2. There’s no value I can add.

Once you’ve incorporated Office 365 into your existing managed services packages, you’re already saving your clients time and energy. Offering it as a part of your services means you’re the one delivering a holistic solution instead of a time-consuming, siloed approach to technology services. Most of your clients are going to need Office 365. Make sure they’re getting it from you.

3. The margins are just too thin.

When you’re partnered with the right cloud distributor to offer Office 365 to your clients, you’re arming your team with the power to efficiently manage, monitor, and bill for Office 365. Alongside the serious margin increases you’ll see there, you can continue to grow your margins by offering additional services alongside Office 365 that further solidify you as a one-stop shop for all your clients’ technology needs.

4. Recurring billing is a nightmare.

It can be, for sure, when you’re reconciling your Microsoft invoice, assigning your licenses, worried about markup, creating your invoices, and scrambling to get everything delivered on time. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to dedicate a team member (or several) just to the process of accurate invoices for your clients. Look for a solution that lets you automate your billing practices so your team is free to focus on driving your company growth.

Grow with the Cloud

The truth is that the cloud brings immense opportunities. According to Gartner, Office 365 is used in only 8.5% of public companies, which means an unprecedented opportunity for expansion. Once you start offering Office 365 to your clients, you’ll be able to take advantage of that expansion with the right tool by your side. Consider the power of ConnectWise CloudConsole, designed to help TSPs like you manage, monitor, and bill for licenses in the cloud. Try it free and stop shouldering the burden of cloud services.