Articles by April Taylor

Best Practices for Escalating Tickets

You’re in the business to offer exceptional service and help your clients operate smoothly. Effectively managing every ticket for every client issue can be time consuming and tough—especially without the proper best practices in place to help.


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Meet the New ConnectWise Manage Team

With nearly 38 years of combined experienced working at ConnectWise, the new ConnectWise Manage leadership team brings a lot of expertise to the table. The team works under the direction of April Taylor, VP of ConnectWise Manage, who has worked at...

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What’s New in ConnectWise Manage 2018.3

Q2 is here, and with it comes springtime, warmer weather, and some exciting new changes. Spring into the rest of your year with new features that keep you efficient, productive, and ready for serious growth. What’s happening to save time for your ...

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