PSA for MSPs: streamline your MSP operations

| By:
April Taylor

MSPs are constantly looking for ways to increase process automation and improve their overall business efficiency. One of the largest challenges MSPs face regarding their business efficiency is time—or more accurately, a lack thereof. And having a dispersed stack of tools and solutions each requiring unique implementation, training, and management, can severely reduce the time available to dedicate to customers. 

The truth is, while different software solutions, on paper, are designed to help and make your business more efficient, they sometimes end up doing the opposite. Professional services automation (PSA) software solves this problem by controlling costs, boosting efficiency, and increasing overall productivity through automation and centralization of core business processes. This creates an interconnected software ecosystem to help your end-to-end business operations run smoothly and more efficiently.

In this article, we will explore the key benefits of implementing PSA software to increase productivity and overall business efficiency. We’ll also highlight advanced integration capabilities to help MSPs maximize the full potential of this solution.

Understanding PSA for MSPs

PSA software improves business efficiency by streamlining and automating key delivery tasks such as billing, project management, timesheet tracking, and resource planning. By automating these tasks on the backend, you can shift more of your focus toward delivering value for your clients and growing your MSP operation. This improved efficiency can translate into serious ROI and impact to your bottom line.

One of the best ways to think about PSA software for MSPs is as a centralized, integrated “hub” of your core data and applications, making your business easier to operate. Each element of your IT infrastructure has a purpose, but integrating and automating these systems and processes can enable new levels of connectivity and visibility across your entire business operations.

Due to its highly connective nature, PSA software is an excellent starting point for many providers looking to scale their businesses quickly and efficiently. PSA software also is useful for those looking to standardize and streamline their business operations by harnessing the power of automation to replace antiquated and time-consuming manual processes.

Benefits of PSA for MSPs 

The core benefit of PSA software for MSPs is the ability to streamline the process of running the business end of operations. This is done by automating functions that reduce human error and save time, as well as consolidating information such as reports, time-tracking, and project management into a single platform. 

An effective PSA software should support the following key business functions:

  • Sales and marketing integrations
  • Time tracking
  • Unified fulfillment and billing
  • Reporting
  • Client communication
  • Project management
  • Service desk support

Simplifying and automating tasks across all these areas is a great blanket net benefit. With this said, let’s dig deeper into the different benefits to see the true value of PSA software for MSPs. 

Automation and integration

As we have mentioned, one of the best and most useful aspects of implementing PSA software for MSPs is the near-endless automation possibilities. Not only can you reduce tool sprawl by centralizing most tools and external applications, but you can also automate manual and repetitive data-entry tasks such as ticketing, billing, and asset management workflows.

PSA software offers seamless integration with many other business-critical MSP solutions, allowing you to optimize your operational efficiency even further by storing everything under one centralized, easy-to-access umbrella. These integration possibilities can also extend the scope and functionality of your pre existing systems. For example, you can streamline and improve your billing process through an ACH payment integration, or even implement remote accessing tools through a remote monitoring and management (RMM) software solution.

If you would like to learn more about this particular interaction, check out this comprehensive breakdown of the differences between PSA and RMM, and how they can be combined and used together as dual solutions rather than having to pick one or the other.

Enhanced time and billing management

Accurate time tracking and billing are crucial for any successful business. This is especially true for MSPs trying to effectively manage multiple clients with varying needs. PSA solutions improve billing and invoicing processes by storing everything in a singular location to reduce friction in customer support.

Internal time tracking and management can be optimized by increasing your visibility into billable hours tracking, ensuring your technicians’ time is properly utilized and that clients are billed appropriately for services. Not only does this increase transparency, but it reduces the need to “justify” your invoices.

Data and analytics for Informed decision-making

Without having access to concrete and tangible numbers, you are essentially making decisions off blind instinct and hoping they work out. PSA software features robust reporting capabilities to help store your critical business data in a centralized location, providing real-time visibility into data across departments. 

The data applications are endless. From inventory and asset management to visibility into ticket times and status, better reporting allows you to make more informed decisions about your business. Improved resource utilization, increased capacity for new business, and higher revenue opportunity are just a few of the ways these improvements can impact your bottom line.

Improved sales and marketing workflows

Building out a better communication path is key to make sure you’re keeping stakeholders informed about opportunities and closed/won business. In fact, the inability to correctly manage the sales pipeline can lead to a 70% decrease in closed sales deals

As a solution, many PSA solutions include built-in marketing functionality and sales opportunity management to help ensure oversight and enforce team accountability. From automated sales notifications and approval triggers to cross-department opportunity tracking, PSA software can help your team close more deals, faster. Not to mention the impact a speedier sales process has on the customer experience.

Support scale and profitability

Without visibility into your end-to-end business operations, you’re bound to hit roadblocks that limit your teams’ productivity, and your bottom line. And when viewed holistically, the benefits of a PSA transcend internal operations—they allow your team to deliver superior service delivery and customer support.

ConnectWise PSA was designed to give MSPs the business insights needed to make smart business decisions and drive profitable growth. With optional advanced AI-powered hyperautomation capabilities, you can unlock even more efficiency to support faster resolutions and improved customer service. See how a proven PSA software can unify your business operations by starting your free on-demand demo today.


Perhaps the largest benefit of implementing PSA software for MSPs is the time savings it provides. By automating many tasks, such as billing and timing management, countless hours are freed up each week that can be refocused on high-level strategy and decision-making that moves key revenue metrics, allowing you to scale quicker.

ConnectWise offers the best PSA software for MSPs through an extensive suite of features, including a comprehensive help desk, cloud billing, sales and marketing tools, procurement, reporting, and countless others.

PSA software streamlines the ticketing, customer support, and resolution processes by storing all relevant information and tools in one location so that when an issue inevitably arises, you can accurately and efficiently address it. This is a significant time saver over solutions that rely on many tools spread throughout a complex system.

Each individual MSP operation will have different needs and reasons for implementing a PSA software solution, making it difficult to make a blanket PSA recommendation for new MSP businesses. Because of this, the best PSA software for MSPs is often the most flexible. That being said, there are several commonly requested “must-have” features requested by MSPs such as automated billing, project management, timesheet tracking, and resource planning.

Implementing a PSA solution with scheduling functionality can reduce technician time and effort—and thus your overhead costs—by automating tasks that would never have to be done manually by an employee or outside contractor. Each automation reduces the amount of physical work required each week.

Making a PSA recommendation for new MSP operators is dependent on what your unique goals and problems are as a provider. Having a thorough understanding of your business needs and goals allows you to tweak and customize your PSA solution to scale efficiently and take your operations to the next level. ConnectWise PSA offers a range of specialized features that can be adjusted depending on what your business needs at any given time.