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ConnectWise Recover: Reliable backup and disaster recovery solutions

Protect your reputation and revenue stream with disaster recovery software

When your client’s data goes missing, the clock starts ticking—and every second counts. With ConnectWise Recover, you can avoid downtime and disruption for your clients with our secure backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution. Supported by automation and our 24/7/365 NOC services, ConnectWise Recover keeps your client’s data safe and protects your reputation.

Explore the products of ConnectWise Recover

ConnectWise Recover Continuity

Avoid downtime and recover lost data in minutes, not days. ConnectWise Recover Continuity is an enterprise-grade BDR solution that provides speed, reliability and continuous uptime for client data protection.

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ConnectWise Recover Backup

Not every business has the same requirements when it comes to securing corporate data. ConnectWise Recover Backup offers flexible, scalable, and budget-friendly data protection for companies with simple, straightforward data backup needs.

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ConnectWise Recover SaaS

Companies shifting to cloud-based apps like Microsoft 365®, MS Dynamics, Google® Workspace (formerly G Suite), and Salesforce® aren’t always aware that their SaaS data needs to be backed up. ConnectWise Recover SaaS allows you to easily protect your clients’ data for all SaaS apps from a single screen.

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ConnectWise Recover Archive

Certain businesses face strict archiving requirements because of state and federal regulations and other policies and regulations. ConnectWise Recover Archive is a policy-driven, off-site archive that replicates backup images to a secured public or private cloud for long-term storage and easy retrieval.

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NOC services

ConnectWise Assist™ certified NOC technicians are available to take the day-to-day management, monitoring, troubleshooting, and verification of backups off your plate from start to finish.

What can ConnectWise Recover do for you?

Deliver BDR with confidence

Get all the tools and flexible, secure, always-on data protection and backup disaster recovery features and benefits you need to keep your customers’ businesses humming. This includes persistent backup to advanced restoration, cloud storage, and real-time virtualization.

Save time and resources

Our NOC Technicians are available 24/7/365 to help you manage the day-to-day monitoring and troubleshooting of customer backups and assist in the backup disaster recovery process when needed, increasing your capacity to generate service revenue.

Offer advanced data verification

Automated recovery-point check by Tru-Verify™ records a time-lapse video of the entire recovery boot process. These checks help you understand root causes and offer solutions to your clients to prevent future data loss and auto heals the recovery point if it can’t be virtualized.

Add multiple BDR offerings

Offer clients customizable BDR options to fit any budget. Scale your cloud, hybrid, or on-premises services while providing peace of mind to safeguard critical data and restore business operations in minimal time.

Protect against ransomware

Secure data at rest, in transit, or in the cloud with localized and cloud virtualization and block-level encryption to provide the ultimate failsafe against malicious attacks.


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