The MSP’s Guide to BCDR

  • Learn what makes BCDR an essential solution for your clients
  • Have the resources you need on hand to build your next BCDR plan
  • Scale your BCDR offering with best-in-class software and solutions

What MSPs need to know to build a successful BCDR program

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) programs are the tools and strategies MSPs use to minimize downtime, protect data, reduce financial losses, meet regulatory requirements, preserve reputation, and provide their clients with a competitive advantage.

This guide aims to provide MSPs with the essential knowledge and insights to navigate the complexities of BCDR planning and implementation. Each chapter in this guide provides valuable insights and actionable advice to help arm your team with BCDR strategies and solutions to enable continued growth and scalability.

Let's explore the chapters in this guide:

Chapter 1: The impact of business downtime: How to minimize cost
This chapter explores the impact of downtime on organizations, with actionable tips to minimize risk and impact to better protect your clients—and your reputation.
Chapter 2: 7-point disaster recovery plan checklist
This comprehensive checklist will help you strengthen your recovery strategy, minimize downtime, and deal with disruptions with confidence.
Chapter 3: How to test a BCDR plan
It's important to test BCDR plans to make sure they are effective and reliable. Review the different testing styles, depth levels, and how to conduct comprehensive tests for readiness.
Chapter 4: Business continuity compliance requirements
Understand the industry-specific guidelines and regulations your clients' BCDR plans may need to meet for compliance standards. This chapter will help get you up to speed.
Chapter 5: Best practices for scaling your BCDR business
Scalability is vital for MSPs looking to broaden their service offerings and increase revenue. Let’s review best practices for scaling BCDR services to meet clients’ evolving needs.
Chapter 6: How to choose the right BCDR solutions
When evaluating BCDR solutions, MSPs should consider key factors including recovery time objectives, data protection mechanisms, and cloud-based functionality.
Chapter 7: What is a network operations center (NOC)?
Learn how Network Operations Center (NOC) services can help MSPs expand their bandwidth, improve customer service, and help free up internal technicians’ valuable time.
Chapter 8: SaaS backup: everything you need to know
This chapter covers the basics of SaaS backup, including safeguarding data, recovery options, and critical considerations for implementing an effective solution.
Chapter 9: What are the benefits of managed backup services?
Review the many advantages managed backup services offer, including reduced operational burdens, enhanced data security, and improved recovery capabilities.

The benefits of BCDR: safeguarding operations and enhancing resilience

BCDR is essential for organizations to respond to and recover from unexpected events or disruptions effectively. Prioritizing it can safeguard your clients’ operations and reputation.

Here are some highlights of the benefits of BCDR:

  1. Minimize downtime: BCDR enables quick recovery after a disaster, reducing the impact on productivity, revenue, and reputation.
  2. Protect data and assets: Secure continuity backup and recovery measures ensure business uptime and prevent data loss. 
  3. Enhance business resilience: Every strong BCDR plan includes preparing risk assessment and preparation, enabling swift adaptation and recovery, and ensuring uninterrupted operations in challenging circumstances.
  4. Security benefits: BCDR serves as the "last line of defense" against ransomware attacks, enabling data recovery without paying ransoms. Combining BCDR with other cybersecurity solutions helps keep your clients protected at all levels.

Building a BCDR strategy with ConnectWise

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