Experience the Full Value of a Managed SIEM Solution

Cut the cost and reduce the complexity of delivering cybersecurity with StratoZen

MSPs require the best in cybersecurity to keep their clients secure. ConnectWise now offers StratoZen co-managed SIEM solutions and SOC-as-a-Service that integrate with your current security offerings to closely monitor and work within your system. StratoZen was built with service providers in mind, offering unmatched flexibility and high levels of accuracy—so you can take your security practice to the next level.

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Enjoy the benefits of a comprehensive SIEM-as-a-service solution that’s fully hosted in the cloud—without the hassle or high expense.

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Co-managed SIEM

SIEM systems and output are complex. A co-managed SIEM does all the heavy lifting for you—so you always get the highest level of both value and security.

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Avoid the headache that comes with building and maintaining an in-house Security Operations Center (SOC) with StratoZen’s flexible SOC options.  

Proactive Defense

Stop ransomware, active attackers, and known threats before they can interfere with your organization with StratoZen’s specially designed services.

Unlock the benefits of a comprehensive SIEM

No more alert fatigue

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of security alerts you receive in a day? Cut the clutter with StratoZen’s automated, intelligent security detection that only notifies you of legitimate threats.  

Simplified SIEM

SIEMs are inherently complicated and thorough. But with StratoZen’s simplified, co-managed SIEM solutions, all your security needs are taken care of in the most painless way possible. 

Fewer staffing challenges

When it comes to addressing security concerns, it can be a scramble to get enough hands on deck. StratoZen’s comprehensive, automated solutions ensure you always have someone monitoring your data, taking some of the work off your plate.

Inexpensive solutions

The right cybersecurity solution doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. StratoZen is affordable and easy to implement, giving you the tools you need—fast. 

Increased data privacy

Protecting your data is critical—and StratoZen guards your data better than any other cybersecurity solution on the market. 

Seamless integration

Worried your other tools won’t play with your new solution? Fear not: StratoZen is easy to integrate with your current systems and provides optimal compliance.  

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