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Working Together Like Clockwork

As cybersecurity threats evolve, so do your security solutions. Bitdefender Cloud Security for MSPs provides a comprehensive suite of security solutions built to proactively find and stop malicious threats before they reach the end user. With layered, next-gen security tools, Bitdefender makes it easy for MSPs to control, prevent, detect, and respond in one solution. Integrations in ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate allow MSPs to efficiently improve security services, reduce costs, and grow revenue.

Bitdefender & ConnectWise Manage®

Streamline billing, ticketing, alerts, configurations, and more for complete client security with Bitdefender and ConnectWise Manage. Integration features include:

  • Create tickets when a certain percentage of endpoints exceed a defined threat threshold
  • Receive alerts when a protected computer tries to access a blocked URL
  • Create tickets when the percentage of outdated clients exceed a defined threshold
  • Simplify billing with Bitdefender Control Center usage reports for active protected computers

Bitdefender & ConnectWise Automate®

Simplify deployment and management of your security tools with Bitdefender and ConnectWise Automate. Integration features include:

  • Anti-malware policy management to create, edit, clone, delete, and assign policies
  • Proactive monitoring for failed/errored backups
  • License management including license overage alert and monthly license usage reports
  • Dashboard overview for malware status and activity in your environment

What Makes Our Partnership Unique

Why Bitdefender?

When it comes to cybersecurity, Bitdefender has seen it all. For over 10 years, Bitdefender has been perfecting the use of machine learning algorithms to combat the latest security threats and help minimize false alarms. Bitdefender’s security solutions go beyond simple antivirus software with tools including web filtering and search advisor, application control, and firewall for intrusion detection. Your clients expect complete security protection. Give them more with Bitdefender.

Key Facts

Consistently ranked #1 for detection and performance

Complete cybersecurity suite

Mature machine learning with over 10 years of development

One MSP security for physical, virtual, and cloud workloads

Largest security delivery infrastructure in the world

Millions of MSP endpoints protected

“Excellent protection. Great MSP Program. Bitdefender allows my employees to spend less time on licensing and troubleshooting while at the same time providing a better profit margin.”

-Jerry Hartman, Owner, Sooner Technology

Evolve Your Cybersecurity Solutions

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