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Working Together like Clockwork

Auvik is network management for MSPs. We help you manage network infrastructure like you manage endpoints and servers today, giving you instant insight into client networks and automating complex, time-consuming manual network tasks. Made for an MSP environment, Auvik lets you see and manage all your clients from a single dashboard. Install an Auvik collector on any network and Auvik does the rest—from automated mapping, inventory, and configuration backup to alerting and statistics. Auvik integrates with ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate for a smooth fit into existing workflows.

Simplify the Challenges of Network Vendor Diversity and Managed Network Devices with Automation

Overseeing clients’ managed network devices is a complicated undertaking when IT service providers find themselves working with multiple network vendors. In this episode of ConnectWise’s “Exploring the Ecosystem” podcast, Alex Hoff, co-founder and vice president of sales and product for Auvik, talks with ConnectWise Solution Strategist Houston Parks about the challenges of monitoring and managing clients’ devices across different network vendors, as well as how to leverage network management automation tools to better meet customer expectations and increase efficiency.

Alex Hoff, Founder and VP, Sales and Product, Auvik Networks Inc. & Houston Parks, Solutions Strategist, ConnectWise


Auvik & ConnectWise Manage

Auvik and ConnectWise Manage deliver smoother workflows thanks to:

  • Two-way automatic synchronization between Auvik alerts and ConnectWise Manage tickets
  • Automatic integration of Auvik network inventory and configurations into ConnectWise Manage to boost efficiency of data collection
  • A single spot in ConnectWise Manage where you can view all clients
  • Real-time metrics about every device on a network, even the ones your clients don’t tell you about
  • A live history of all communications between Auvik and ConnectWise Manage for simpler troubleshooting

Auvik & ConnectWise Automate

When you have Auvik and ConnectWise Automate working together for you, you’ll have:

  • Automatic sync of Auvik device details into ConnectWise Automate
  • Visibility into Auvik dashboard and maps from inside ConnectWise Automate
  • Access to Auvik MSP admin functions through the ConnectWise Automate dashboard
  • Increased visibility into client devices to close tickets faster
  • Device and network data collection housed in one spot to make client network management easier

Why Auvik?

Auvik is the most efficient and profitable way for MSPs to manage network infrastructure, offering complete and efficient managed services that allow you to deliver fully on client expectations. With Auvik, you can actively manage network infrastructure in addition to servers and endpoints. Build out your existing service capabilities with smooth integration into ConnectWise solutions and rocket your team’s efficiency by automating time-consuming network infrastructure management tasks.

Key Facts

Automated, real-time network mapping of every client site

Fast, easy deployment configured to industry best practices

Built to allow MSPs to manage multiple networks from a single spot

Integrates seamlessly into the MSP toolstack with two-way sync

Draws on data sources beyond SNMP, including the CLI, WMI, and others

Supporting more than 15,000 devices from over 700 vendors to cover nearly any gear your clients have

“Auvik has automated a lot of manual processes and cut our onboarding time by at least 75%. It pulls client configurations into ConnectWise Manage, which gives all the information we need.”

– Andrew Kropf, Infrastructure and Solutions Manager, Network Doctor

Automate Your Network Management

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