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The Biggest Leasing Myth in Managed Services

For as long as there have been rumors of a hairy, human-like creature roaming the woods of the US, there have been enthusiasts searching for the Sasquatch. Try as they might, these searches end with nothing but tall tales and grainy photos. In fact, ...

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Using QBRs to Drive Profitability

What’s the ROI on your quarterly business reviews? A lot of MSPs will tell you they don’t really do QBRs to generate revenue. They are just something that’s done because, well, they’ve always been done. But the QBR is a great way to manage your relat...

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Understanding the Need for Cloud Voice

Mark Sher, VP of Intermedia’s cloud voice solutions, shares his insight on the growing need for cloud voice in the unified communications market and his thoughts about why your company should start selling voice. Our data-focused channel partners ha...

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Conquering Ransomware with Sophos

Ransomware is nothing new. In fact, it has dominated the industry in the past two years, and it’s always on the minds of MSPs and SMBs. With two major attacks in quick succession—May’s catastrophic WannaCry attack followed up by June’s Petya attack—e...

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Stop Marketing to Other IT Companies

Does your company’s website list all of your fancy certifications, along with countless acronyms and abbreviations that you might not even remember the meaning of? Does it have the technical jargon that only another certified IT professional would un...

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Boost Integration Power with Zapier

Each part of your business uses different applications to help their team do their job effectively, but how do you ensure those applications are working together and keeping information up to date? Zapier allows you to connect those different applica...

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