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The Perfect Conversation Starter for Any Security Discussion

Identify Your Customers’ Top Risks

Be Proactive in Assessing Your Customers’ Risk Profile

Many MSPs struggle to sell additional security offerings because they’re approaching it on an incident basis with point solutions. Based on the well-known NIST Cybersecurity Framework, our assessment enables you to proactively identify security risks across their entire business, not just on their network. The result is an easy-to-understand, customized risk report showing your customer their most critical risks and recommendations for you to address.

Generate Additional Revenue

Use the Findings to Sell Remediation Services and Create More Value

The security conversation is more approachable with a tangible report of the most critical risks. Equipped with a heat map of risk priority and recommendations for top risks, the report serves as the basis of an action plan that brings in new revenue streams and generates stickiness. You can also offer risk assessments as a high-margin service offering, especially with customers in regulated industries.

Document & Transfer Liability

Clarify Your Liability of Unaddressed Risks with an Attestation Letter

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, your customer isn’t interested in paying to remediate certain security gaps. Protect yourself against them turning into a liability. An attestation letter is included in every risk report for your customer to sign, ensuring they understand and have accepted the risks they choose not to address against your recommendation.

Product Features

hardware security

Cover the Five Tenants of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework


Portal for Customers to View Assessment Report

problem fix

Download Risk Assessment Report in Minutes


Heat Map of Risk Priority


Attestation Letter to Transfer Risk

work plan

Recommendations to Address Each Risk


Peer Comparison by Vertical, Geography, or Size

Connects to Customer Records in ConnectWise Manage®

"To prepare a security analysis usually requires a high level of resource involvement to perform the audit and correctly write up the output to present to the client. You'd end up having your best people do everything. Identify gave us the ability to produce a high value security risk assessment of our clients with consistency and very minimal input on our end."

- Dan Scott, Quality and Project Manager, Complete IT Co UK
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