The Technology Teams Worksheet

Build New Revenue Streams By Connecting to Customer Needs

Aligning customer needs with the solutions you offer is essential to creating a stable, money-making business that’s resilient in a world of rapidly-changing technology. Business Theory 101, you say? Maybe, but in reality, the process can be challenging for technology solution providers.

ConnectWise believes Technology Teams—teams formed to deliver a unique set of solutions and services within your organization—are key to building a thriving business .That’s why we’ve designed a worksheet, to help you identify the unique needs of each customer, and prepare your technology teams to better meet demand so that everyone prospers.

Our worksheet guides you through the process of positioning your business strategy for success within each of your technology teams. Completing details on the worksheet template will help you:

  • Gain insight into your organization
  • Recognize opportunities for increasing your service catalog
  • Uncover additional revenue streams & improve existing ones
  • Review & resolve gaps in customer service prior to launching new services
  • Create actionable steps for a resilient business