Driving positive change: Two ConnectWise leaders named to CRN’s 2021 Women of the Channel list

| By: Jen Locklear

In the same way that 2020 was a year that required resilience, 2021 has been a year that requires persistence and a commitment to continuous improvement, despite obstacles that still may linger from the business impact of the pandemic. The last year has taught us many lessons, and in the same way that we need driven, creative leaders, we also need empathetic human beings who lead with a sense of kindness that is as strong as their drive. When I think of leaders who embody that description here at ConnectWise, I think of Kate Bachman, Director of Partner Communications, and Lisa DiGiore, Senior Director of High Velocity Sales. And I am not the only one, as CRN has recently announced that it has named both leaders to the 2021 Women of the Channel list . I could go on about their many accomplishments and the major impact these women have on our ConnectWise community, but instead, we chose to get feedback from some of our colleagues who know them best – their direct reports.

We recently interviewed four ConnectWise colleagues who report to Lisa and Kate to get their perspectives on working with these leaders, how they create positive change every day, and how they continue to inspire great work and professional development.

Lisa DiGiore, Senior Director, High Velocity Sales

“Lisa was the one to hire me at ConnectWise seven years ago and has played such a large role in my professional development and growth. She consistently reminds me to break out of my comfort zone and test my own limits, and most importantly has always believed in my abilities as a leader. Over the years, she has empowered me to drive towards my own goals, both professionally and personally. I think it is rare to find a leader who constantly strives to be the best version of herself, while remaining humble and passionate about helping others. Being a female myself, it has been so inspiring to watch her rise and succeed in a male-dominated industry.” – Tori Alvarez, Manager, Partner Sales

“Lisa always strives to find the appropriate balance between our company objectives and the partner experience. She consistently breaks down silos and barriers to our organizational success by driving cross functional communication and synergies between different internal stakeholders.” – Andrew Lemonda, Director, Account Management

Kate Bachman, Director, Partner Communications

“Since my first day at ConnectWise, Kate has encouraged me to speak up and share my voice with confidence. Knowing I have her support and seeing her provide value to each task, challenge, or situation put in front of her inspires me to strive to do the same. ‘Let’s have Kate weigh in on this’ is a phrase I hear – and say – quite often. As a well-respected colleague and mentor, Kate never fails to provide strategic, thoughtful, and innovative feedback that helps propel all aspects of ConnectWise forward.” – Skye McIvor, Partner Communicatons Manager

“Kate is a pillar of culture at ConnectWise and a leader who expertly mixes team learning with individual growth. Always quick to give praise when it’s due, she constantly raises the level of her own work, incentivizing colleagues to do the same. Whether it’s through a Women in Leadership panel, producing the monthly colleague all-up or a happy hour, she treats executives and peers alike, with professionalism, some fun, and (more than) a few well-placed sarcastic comments.” – Grace Lynch, Partner Communications Manager

Congratulations to Kate and Lisa for being recognized by CRN and for the amazing work they do day-in and day-out at ConnectWise. We are proud to be their colleagues. Read more about the 2021 CRN Women of the Channel honorees here.