Why ConnectWise RMM changes the game for MSPs

| By:
Jason Short

Success in remote monitoring and management (RMM) is easy to define at the downstream end: higher uptime, more secure systems, smooth operations, always-ready provisioning, improved trust—and the kind of client satisfaction that will position your MSP for organic growth and a stronger client relationship.

But at the back end, that level of quality can extract a price. Your business may struggle to avoid inefficiencies that can eat into margins and strain resources: responding to many low-level requests, performing repetitive tasks manually, and continuously switching between multiple tools as part of a daily routine.

Looming behind this situation is the reality that hiring and retaining qualified IT staff for MSP roles is itself an enormous challenge. In addition to carefully managing staff workloads, many MSP owners and leaders are considering how to achieve business growth without staff growth.

What’s so great about ConnectWise RMM? 

ConnectWise RMM™ is the next generation of remote monitoring and management. It’s built on the ConnectWise Asio™ platform, which allows for increased reliability, high performance, and responsiveness to clients, with automation and streamlined workflows that help MSPs operate more efficiently and profitably. 

The Asio platform was created to help MSPs build stronger businesses and help clients meet the challenges of digitization and rapid innovation. The platform has a modern cloud architecture that gives IT solution providers (TSPs) unmatched flexibility and performance. It’s scalable, agile, security-first, and deeply customizable, giving your team enhanced data insight and rapid innovation.  

Automation and agility made easy

Here’s how ConnectWise RMM helps you run your business more efficiently: 

Automation. With automated features, you can put repetitive tasks on autopilot and service a greater number of accounts with the same number of people, freeing up resources for more impactful work. ConnectWise RMM includes a proprietary intelligent monitoring engine that continuously learns from data crowdsourced from all endpoints across its global deployment—over 130,000 servers and 980,000 desktops. Intelligent monitoring eliminates up to 80% of the clutter and false positives created by other tools. This ensures fewer tickets, faster SLAs, and more uptime for you and your customers.  

The platform doesn’t need manual configuration, because it automatically detects and applies over 1,100 pre-defined alerts. You can also create custom monitors to meet unique business needs and leverage our simple user interface with advanced capabilities to trigger alerts without code.  

In addition, the ConnectWise network operations center (NOC) extensively researches and tests every Microsoft patch rollout, creating allow lists and deny lists as needed to minimize risk and provide confidence when you use them. 

Integrations. ConnectWise RMM is compatible with numerous third-party integrations from our marketplace. For example, with Microsoft Intune, RMM simplifies the complex Intune interface, identifies Intune-managed devices, and provides a high-level view of device compliance at both tenant and device levels—all accessible through a single pane. 

ConnectWise RMM also integrates easily with other ConnectWise products:  

Visibility. Partners can see all essential information, including integrations, in one place with dashboards available from within ConnectWise RMM. 

Cybersecurity. ConnectWise has a security-first mindset and focuses on finding potential cybersecurity issues as early in the development cycle as possible. Recent tactical investments include:  

  • Expanded, dedicated InfoSec team 
  • Recurring deep-dive application penetration tests and review of legacy code 
  • Partnership with HackerOne’s response service to triage externally reported InfoSec issues 
  • Bug bounty program providing continuous crowdsourced vulnerability testing and assistance 
  • New automated security testing tools that scan production environments across all products 

Integrated Expert Services. All RMM partners have access to ConnectWise Help Desk Services™, staffed with expert support technicians to assist your clients directly via chat, phone, and email. Partners can also engage ConnectWise NOC Services™ to offload server management. You can even engage a ConnectWise Dedicated Technician™ to work alongside your team and focus on your clients. The Integrated Expert Services teams act as extensions of your technical staff, providing 24/7/365 monitoring, troubleshooting, issue resolution, and peace of mind.

Remote control. Unlimited ConnectWise ScreenConnect remote access agents are included with all ConnectWise RMM packages and remote support agents are included in the Premium package and available as an add-on with any other package option

The value of the ConnectWise RMM solution has also been recognized outside the company. In 2023, ConnectWise was awarded gold for Best RMM Vendor by the ChannelPro Reader’s Choice Awards. RMM was also named the 2023 MSP Today Product of the Year by TMC, a global, integrated media company.

These awards are a demonstration of our expertise and commitment to partner success.