Why ConnectWise is the top choice for cybersecurity

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Raffael Marty

According to our recent research, The SMB Opportunity for MSPs: 2021-2026, 60% of businesses have experienced a financially damaging cyberattack in the past 5 years, 52% of SMBs cited cybersecurity as a top tech goal and priority for the next 3 years, and 25% of business decision makers cited "offering a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity solutions" as a critical capability for an IT service provider.

However, while cybersecurity opportunities abound for MSPs to meet the growing need, there’s a fair amount of uncertainty and confusion to overcome with over 40% of SMBs reporting having difficulty understanding cybersecurity and knowing what solutions to implement and how. 

 To give your customers peace of mind, your cybersecurity offering must be backed by expert experience, up-to-date security knowledge of the latest trends, and a strong, unified platform. Whether starting from scratch or expanding services to an existing cybersecurity practice, ConnectWise cybersecurity management solutions are purpose-built to launch quickly and deliver outstanding client security outcomes. That’s why partnering with ConnectWise just makes sense when it comes to MSP cybersecurity. 

We understand the cybersecurity challenges MSPs face

Let’s take a look at some of the most common cybersecurity challenges MSPs face today:

Threat landscape

The threat landscape changed drastically in 2021. Our 2022 MSP Threat Report, the only MSP-specific report of its kind, covers a timeline of all the major MSP-focused hacks in 2021 which included the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in May by DarkSide and the buffalo jump attack during the July 4 weekend, which impacted over 40 MSPs and 1,500 of their clients in a single day.  

There’s no sign of attacks slowing down either, with cybersecurity continuing to make headlines with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and looming potential of state-sponsored cyberattacks. MSPs are prime targets for a cyberattack and need to be prepared for the worst.

Tool sprawl

To provide effective security, MSPs are often forced to use several tools. This means you have independent pieces of information to tie together to understand the whole security picture. It’s critical that you get to a consolidated view of the analysis of your data so that you can manage, scale, and make  processes more effective—and this includes your cybersecurity solution. 

It’s increasingly clear that antivirus and a firewall is no longer sufficient to protect them, so they begin down the path of adding additional layers of security. Unfortunately, this adds to the MSP’s overhead cost and makes it difficult for you to manage all your tools. For example, you may have invested in a quality firewall, but when was the last time you updated the software? 

Alert fatigue

The amount of data generated from security and threat detection tools can be very overwhelming for an MSP to try to slog through on their own. You need help that comes in the form of automation and intelligent correlation of events. These become key in eliminating manual, tedious processes that result in data errors.

Cybersecurity skills gap 

It is well known that the demand for security experts is through the roof, making it challenging for MSPs to find and retain security experts for their team. Adding to the challenge, security is not a narrow topic but a practice that encompasses many different domains. Between network security, application security, systems security, and more, it often becomes difficult for MSPs to build a team that can provide effective expertise across these areas.

Communication and monetization

As MSPs look at extending security, the first reaction can quickly revolve around the additional costs. However, an effective security solution represents a high-value service for your clients and a potential new revenue stream for your business. To unlock this opportunity, consider how to communicate the risks to your clients so they understand the need for additional services, which you can then monetize. Effective tools and education about how to communicate risks and bring new security offerings to your clients are incredibly helpful when creating effective security offerings for your clients.

ConnectWise Security Management: The one stop solution to MSPs biggest cybersecurity challenges

With ConnectWise, you get security focused on prevention, detection, response, and visibility. Let’s break down why each of these components is important to your overall security offering and how ConnectWise can help.


According to a survey commissioned by Cyber Security Cloud Inc., 94% of respondents whose company experienced a cyberattack said it was preventable. Prevention is the first step to securing your business and your customers and means putting the appropriate cybersecurity measures in place to keep the bad guys out.

However relying on prevention alone is insufficient and can’t stop all threats.. Assume that you are never 100% protected despite putting security measures into place, and you’re more likely to be fully prepared for when disaster strikes. .

ConnectWise SIEM offers a powerful alternative to expand your security perspective to both prevention and detection. The solution includes comprehensive, flexible SIEM software that streamlines safety and security across your network without additional full-time employee costs or complicated implementations.


Detection is understanding when someone has defeated the protections you’ve put in place, finding those telltales and footprints that show that someone has defeated your protections and is actually in your environment and can potentially do harm.

Many hackers are skilled at gaining “privileged access” footholds on endpoints to then make lateral movement towards client's data. EDR tools are the most effective detection defense for this stage in the attack lifecycle, yet, data-rich attack targets often lack this technology layer in their environment. ConnectWise EDR delivers complete endpoint protection for individual end users.


Once you see the signals and detect a threat, how do you tell what bac actors have done and what they’re now doing so you can understand how you need to respond to remediate those actions? Response is not only knowing how to get attackers out but also understanding what they’ve done so you can repair and revert that back to normal operations. 

Every second counts in a cyberattack. With the new ConnectWise Incident Response Service, MSPs can gain swift understanding and control of the situation to eradicate threats and prevent costly downtime.


You can’t protect what you can’t see. ConnectWise provides visibility every step of the way. before and during the process of an emerging threat.  

The service helps you identify and quantify unknown cyber risks and vulnerabilities with risk assessment and dark web monitoring. When prevention fails, you get complete visibility and multi-source data analytics from the ConnectWise SIEM to detect events and correlate management of an open ecosystem of security tools. This enables choice and best-of-breed tools and because those products integrate with ConnectWise, it controls the tool sprawl referenced earlier.

An experienced team of cybersecurity experts

The established security business at ConnectWise not only provides a robust portfolio,it also includes a team of qualified cybersecurity experts taking care of you every step of the way.

ConnectWise security operations center

Our security operations center (SOC) is staffed by more than 160 security experts with experience and certifications across all areas of the security domain. Our SOC is distributed in locations around the world in Pittsburg, Atlanta, and in two locations in India to create redundancy in case of natural disasters and provide confidence your environment is being actively monitored 24/7. These security experts complement our partners’ teams to ensure they have access to the industry’s most talented security professionals.

We’ve also recently partnered with Bitdefender and SentinelOne to offer SOC services on top of their EDR.

ConnectWise Incident Response Service

We recently announced the launch of the ConnectWise Incident Response Service. According to the 2022 MSP Threat Report, ransomware attacks increased 10-15% each  quarter in 2021, with 56% of all incidents occurring in the second half of the year. When it comes to cyberattacks, preparation is the best prevention for MSPs that are increasingly becoming targets of threat actors. For MSPs and their clients that lack resources to properly respond to incidents, the ConnectWise Incident Response Service provides an immediate life-line to skilled cybersecurity experts that accelerate incident resolution and help avoid mistakes that can be costly to business operations.

What’s the difference between the SOC and the Incident Response Service?

The incident response service picks up where the SOC leaves off when a cybersecurity incident happens, and the service allows for escalated investigations that fall outside of SOC incident support.  

If an incident happens, the SOC team will play a supporting role to your internal team to investigate. Whereas the ConnectWise Incident Response Service gives you priority access to a team ready to dig into the investigation for you of identified devices that have been compromised.

ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit

The ConnectWise Cyber Research Unit (CRU) is a dedicated team of ConnectWise threat hunters that identifu new vulnerabilities, researches them, and shares what they find to everyone and anyone the community. The CRU monitors ransom leak sites and malicious botnets for new threats, uses OSINT resources, and utilizes data from the ConnectWise SIEM to help create content and complete research.

The CRU publishes regular threat reports, threat feeds, and an annual MSP Threat Report. This data is threat intelligence the CRU has been collecting for years and uses internally at ConnectWise for threat hunting and threat analysis assistance.

ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity

The ConnectWise Partner Program for Cybersecurity helps partners who have already started using basic or advanced cybersecurity management measures. It gives additional support, so you keep your customers and your business safer and develop a new cybersecurity-based revenue stream.

For Massive IT, it was important to work with a solutions provider with deep exerptise with cybersecurity solutions. To speed success, the availability of ready-made marketing materials, campaign resources, and guidance on industry best practices was also paramount. “We were interested in the ConnectWise Partner Program to help us gain new insights, techniques, marketing collateral, and strategies for marketing and go-to-market frameworks,” said Massive IT CEO and founder, Michael Emdy. “The organized and methodical approach to delivery of training, product knowledge and marketing resources,” was an element of the Partner Program he liked the most.

A focus on cybersecurity education

ConnectWise also offers a large focus on certification and education through our resources including IT Nation Secure®, cybersecurity by ConnectWise, which has already trained and certified more than 3,000 MSP resources, our MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework, and ConnectWise Certify® education.

IT Nation Secure

As our newest property of The IT Nation, IT Nation Secure provides the industry’s must-attend cybersecurity events to help you reduce risk, grow your business, and streamline your cybersecurity service delivery for your clients.

MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework

Our MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework is designed for MSPs and defines what good cybersecurity looks like. This framework is supported by a maturity model focused on guiding the service provider towards cybersecurity success.

IT Nation Certify cybersecurity education

ConnectWise offers cybersecurity education, information sharing, engagement, and business building that supports MSPs. We’re here to improve MSPs’ cybersecurity postures for their clients, guide them through the security journey toward profitability, and keep them aligned to the MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework.

ConnectWise University

ConnectWise also offers an abundance of templates and tools around cybersecurity best practices on ConnectWise University. These tools help you incorporate top cybersecurity into your practice.

Cybersecurity Webinar Series

The cybersecurity webinar series dives into the latest cybersecurity topics and conversations to deepen your expertise and knowledge no matter where you are in your cybersecurity journey. You’ll hear from industry veterans and cybersecurity experts about the biggest cybersecurity concerns SMBs have, cybersecurity tactics and operations best practices, and how to build your offerings to meet the evolving threat landscape.

Here are a few recommendations: 


There’s no other vendor as well poised to tackle all your cybersecurity needs than ConnectWise. We understand your cybersecurity challenges and we’re on a never-ending pursuit to ensure we offer a comprehensive set of solutions, services, and integrations along with educational resources and peer interaction to help you capture the cybersecurity market opportunity.