Why ConnectWise is the top choice for cybersecurity

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Brian Downey

According to our 2019 study, managed service providers (MSPs) who offer cybersecurity services report a 32% annual increase in revenue. In addition, 89% of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) consider security a top-five priority for their business, and 79% of SMBs planned to invest more in cybersecurity in 2020.

You want your cybersecurity offering to be backed by expert experience, up-to-date security knowledge of the latest trends, and a strong, unified platform. That’s why partnering with ConnectWise just makes sense when it comes to MSP cybersecurity. The ConnectWise security business mission is to provide a unified security solution that enables MSPs to efficiently sell and deliver effective and comprehensive security solutions that encompass tools and education.

Security challenges MSPs face

To provide effective security, MSPs are forced to use a lot of different tools, providing them independent pieces of information from which they need to tie together to understand the security picture. It’s critical that you get to a consolidated view of the analysis of their data so that you can manage, scale, and have more effective processes—and this includes your cybersecurity solution. Let’s take a look at some of the most common cybersecurity challenges MSPs face.

Tool sprawl

Most MSPs understand that antivirus and a firewall is no longer sufficient to protect them, so they begin down the path of adding additional layers of security. Unfortunately, this adds to the MSP’s overhead cost—and makes it difficult for them to manage all their tools. For example, you may have invested in a quality firewall, but when is the last time you updated the software? This is a good illustration of how an MSP can install a powerful tool, but their inability to manage the tool reduces the effectiveness.

Signal to noise

The amount of data generated from security and threat detection tools can be very overwhelming for an MSP to try to slog through on their own. MSPs need help in this process that comes in the form of automation and intelligent correlation of events. These become key in eliminating manual, tedious processes that result in data errors.

Lack of domain expertise

It is well known that the demand for security experts is through the roof, making it challenging for MSPs to find and retain security experts for their team. Adding to the challenge, security is not a narrow topic but a practice that encompasses many different domains. Between network security, application security, systems security, and more, it often becomes difficult for MSPs to build a team that can provide effective expertise across these areas.

Communication and monetization

As MSPs look at extending security, the first reaction can quickly revolve around the additional costs that they will incur. But what MSPs really need to understand is that an effective security solution represents a high-value service for their clients and represents a potential new revenue stream for their business. To unlock this opportunity, you need to consider how to communicate the risks to your clients so they understand the need for additional services, which you can then go and monetize. This is often an area MSPs struggle with. Effective tools and education on how to communicate risks and bring new security offerings to your clients are absolutely necessary to provide security offerings for your clients effectively.

ConnectWise Security Management solution

With ConnectWise, you get security focused on protection, detection, response, and visibility. Let’s break down why each of these components is important to your overall security offering.


Unified Security

Protection is simply what measures you put in place to keep your business and your clients safe. However, an important part of protection is the understanding that ultimately it can be defeated. You need to work with the assumption that you are never 100% protected despite putting security measures into place, so that you are fully prepared for reality.


Detection is understanding when someone has defeated the protections we’ve put in place. We are looking for those tell tales and footprints that tell us someone has defeated your protections and is actually in your environment and can potentially to do harm.


Once we see the signals and detect a threat, how do we tell what they’ve done and what they’re doing so we can understand how we need to respond to remediate those actions? Response is not only knowing how to get them out but also fully understanding what they’ve done so we can revert that back to a normal state.


ConnectWise provides visibility on every step of the way during the process of an emerging threat. Remember, communication is key!

An experienced team of experts

ConnectWise’s established security business not only provides a robust portfolio, a large customer base leveraging our portfolio (our security team is currently protecting 1500 TSPs covering >225K endpoints), and statistically reviews, responds to, and remediates 90K alerts and 1,000 incidents per month—we have a team of qualified experts taking care of you every step of the way.

Our security operations center (SOC) is staffed by more than 75 security experts with experience and certifications across all areas of the security domain. Our SOC is distributed in locations around the world in Pittsburg, Atlanta, and in two locations in India, providing our partners redundancy in case of natural events and confidence their environment is being actively monitored 24/7. These security experts complement our partners’ teams to ensure they have access to the industry’s most talented security professionals.

A cohesive, unified platform

The ConnectWise security portfolio offers:

  • Unified security visibility and reporting: A way to centralize data and simplify talking about threats and risks
  • Automated analysis and prioritization: Enabling MSPs to scale to respond to the noise effectively
  • Correlated management of open ecosystem of security tools: Enables choice and best-of-breed tools and because those products integrate with ConnectWise, it controls the tool sprawl referenced earlier
  • Available SOC support: Allows you to leverage what you do and don’t want to do yourself
  • Integrated response and remediation capabilities
  • MSP-centric threat intelligence: Decisions and services based on what other MSPs are experiencing
Where to start

Finally, ConnectWise can help you implement these features into your MSP through our MSP+ Foundation Pack. The Foundation Pack allows you to jumpstart your advanced cybersecurity offering by:

  • Allowing MSPs to have the conversation around risk with their clients using ConnectWise Fortify® Assessment.
  • Allowing MSPs to be more prepared to talk about security by providing access to education (through IT Nation Certify).
  • Enabling MSPs to package and sell security to their clients with ConnectWise Fortify SaaS Security, ConnectWise Fortify Endpoint, and enablement tools.

Learn more about the MSP+ Foundation Pack >>

A Focus on education

ConnectWise also offers a large focus on certification and education through our resources including IT Nation Secure®, cybersecurity by ConnectWise, which has already trained and certified more than 3000 MSP resources, our MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework, and ConnectWise Certify® education:

IT Nation Secure

As our newest property of The IT Nation, IT Nation Secure provides the industry’s must-attend cybersecurity events to help you reduce risk, grow your business, and streamline your cybersecurity service delivery for your clients.

MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework

Our MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework is designed for MSPs and defines what good cybersecurity looks like. This framework is supported by a maturity model focused on guiding the service provider towards cybersecurity success.

IT Nation Certify Cybersecurity Education

ConnectWise offers cybersecurity education, information sharing, engagement, and business building that supports MSPs. We’re here to improve MSPs’ cybersecurity postures for their clients, guide them through the Security Journey toward profitability, and keep them aligned to the MSP+ Cybersecurity Framework.

ConnectWise University

ConnectWise also offers a ton of templates and tools around cybersecurity best practices on ConnectWise University. These tools will help you incorporate top cybersecurity into your practice.