ConnectWise's Tori Alvarez named a CRN 2021 Rising Female Star

| By:
Susan Perez

We are so proud of the valuable, driven, intelligent, and innovative colleagues that make ConnectWise such a great place to work. In the past few months, we’ve celebrated our amazing female leaders across our global offices, including those who were named to CRN’s 2021 Women of the Channel list. 

Today, we are pleased to announce that our own Tori Alvarez, Manager of Partner Sales, has been recognized by CRN as a 2021 Rising Female Star, a title we wholeheartedly agree with. 

Please join us as we get to know what drives Tori, who has inspired her, and what she has to say to young women just starting their careers. 

Tori has been with ConnectWise for almost seven years, starting out in Account Management as a Strategic Account Manager. Since then, she’s held many titles and evolved her career and currently oversees the Account Management, Sales Contract and Renewal Team in Manila. 

Tori attributes her success to her commitment to staying true to herself and her priorities in life.

“The wonderful thing about women is that many can multi-task rather well,” says Tori. “I am a wife, mother, and leader. Having the ability to balance what’s most important to me ensures success in the various aspects of my life. I believe in giving 110% to anything I am doing, and enjoy following a strict schedule.” 

Tori also believes in the power of the people around her. When reflecting back on her career and thinking about what advice she would have given herself early on, she believes finding a mentor is key.

“Find someone who can share their experiences with you, can hold you accountable, and can champion your growth,” explains Tori. “Have you heard the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’? I tend to liken the start of your professional career to the early stages of life. The more perspectives and experiences you gain as you pursue your career, the more you’ll be able to develop your professional identity.”

Fortunately for Tori, she has found two mentors at ConnectWise in Lisa DiGiore and in Jen Locklear. Tori describes Lisa as one of the hardest workers she knows, always thorough, intelligent, and determined. To Tori, Jen is someone who makes everything look easy and is the picture of grace and humility. These are two leaders who Tori highly respects (and the feeling is absolutely mutual).

From her mentors and other inspiring role models around her, Tori has learned to put herself in situations that force her to break out of her comfort zone. 

“When I started in Sales, I was more introverted than most of my peers,” says Tori. “My strengths have always been in listening, analyzing, and executing on a plan. Being in a leadership role has allowed me to grow and challenge myself when it comes to public speaking. I’ve learned so much in my time serving others, and am grateful for those who have encouraged me along this journey.” 

As Tori continues to advance her career and influence those around her, she has two important and powerful pieces of advice for any young women wanting to start their careers in the field of technology. 

“First, be an advocate for yourself,” says Tori. “There’s a fine line between boasting and demonstrating a healthy level of confidence in your abilities. In any professional career, it will serve you well to be self-aware. Understand your strengths and weaknesses and how to appropriately communicate these to others. While it’s easy to be intimidated in a male-dominated industry, remember that you are smart and deserve to be heard."

Secondly, never stop learning. There is almost always a different perspective, another way to do something, a more efficient path. Have the courage to stand up for what you believe in while still keeping an open mind to other ideas. It’s okay to be wrong and to fail, but take a moment to learn from your mistakes and try again.” 

Anybody would be lucky to have Tori as a mentor, and we are so fortunate to have her in the ConnectWise family. Congratulations, Tori, on this well-deserved recognition!