Drive marketing success with ConnectWise marketing campaign management

| By:
Mark Sokol

A team once set out on an epic journey to document the best practices of an IT business. That journey: the path to success. The following is an account of best marketing practices gleaned from this endeavor.

The missing pieces

We all know that marketing efforts are vital to the revenue growth of a company—and that these efforts must also be: (1) integrated into business systems and (2) measurable.

When it comes to getting the message out about your business, the internet is your front door to the world. Customers know who you are and where you are because of your emails and website.

Along the documentation journey, our team realized that gaps needed to be filled between marketing, sales, and ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage) in order to reach revenue goals. The gaps included:

1. Unmeasurable ROI on marketing campaigns
2. Slow call-to-action by the sales team when a prospect showed interest
3. No tracking of email activity
4. Disconnect between website activity and business functions

A solution is born

To fill these gaps, ConnectWise marketing campaign management (formerly ConnectWise Campaign) was born! Marketing campaign management manages leads, email campaigns, and Web campaigns. Here are some of the highlights:

Lead management in marketing campaign management allows you to group and manage leads separately, to keep your CRM data clean—or in conjunction with your ConnectWise PSA CRM data for more bottom of the funnel campaigns. Plus, scores are captured against leads as they interact with the tactical activity of marketing campaign management — opening emails, clicking through to landing pages, completing landing page forms.

Email campaigns are organized in a schedule and measured for viability and ROI, so you can see what’s working, what’s not, and act accordingly.

You’ll have full visibility into how partners and prospects interact with your emails and landing pages. Every email open, link click, and bounce will be documented, so you can measure the effectiveness of each communication you send.

Adding even more visibility, web campaigns are associated to ConnectWise in order to capture campaign data, like form submissions, and deliver essential call-to-action activities and opportunities to the Sales team. Again, giving you instant insights into the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts.

We invite you to try ConnectWise marketing campaign management for 30 days, free of charge, by accessing it from within ConnectWise PSA.