4 ways to transform your sales cycle

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Gaining speed and efficiency in your sales cycle is likely one of your main objectives—and for good reason. You have to find ways to give your team the tools needed to produce more successful quotes that reflect accurate pricing and the fresh look your company needs.

Easier said than done.

Recent research suggests the average sales rep spends a whopping 25% of their time on administrative tasks*. So how do you increase your sales? Here are four simple ways you can help your team pump up its sale moxie:

1. Set parameters

Everyone needs guidelines and your sales team is no exception. While you want to empower them with the tools to make the most sales, you also want to ensure they don’t go beyond your lowest acceptable margin.

Quick tip: Set some parameters around how much a sales rep can lower the price before it requires approval. They still get their freedom, and you don’t see that margin drop too low.

2. Keep customer data current

Make sure to keep your customer relationship management (CRM) tool updated. Many new technology platforms let you do this automatically, so you always know where you stand and your sales reps can keep their eyes on the sale at hand. You never have to worry about being blindsided by outdated customer data or a missed sales goal again.

3. Template, template, template

Whoever said ‘variety is the spice of life’ never managed a business. Start using standard quote and proposal templates with a consistent message and brand that sales reps can use each time.

Quick tip: Check out quote and proposal automation solutions to help make the job easier.

4. Make proposal creation a breeze

Save yourself countless hours by leveraging proposal platforms that let you search for real-time distributor pricing and compare proposals side by side. This shaves off a lot of time on the research end of your sales cycle and helps ensure you get what you need as fast as possible. No clicking through endless websites, looking up various part numbers, or guesstimating.

*IKO System, “66 Crazy Sales Figures,” Essential Statistics.