Continuum and ConnectWise to Merge

| By: Geoffrey Willison

Today marks an incredibly important and exciting day in our Continuum journey. We’re thrilled to announce that we are merging our organization with ConnectWise!

This merger creates an unparalleled combination featuring our automation and global NOC, SOC, and Help Desk teams with ConnectWise’s comprehensive product suite and the power of the IT Nation community. Together, our unified, AI-enabled platform will be empowering for MSPs who seek scalable growth and to enable end-to-end services for both themselves and their clients.

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“The combination of Continuum and ConnectWise enables solution providers to transform their business leveraging artificial intelligence, autonomic remediation, and a global workforce when necessary providing our partners with infinite and elastic scale,” said Michael George, CEO of Continuum.

“Our two organizations complement each other perfectly, and the journey Continuum has been on for the past eight years—including our acquisitions of R1Soft, CARVIR and BrightGauge—have led to this transformational merger. The future opportunities for MSPs are extraordinary, and this combined platform empowers them to capture and capitalize on it.”

Why Continuum + ConnectWise?

This merger is tailor-made for the MSP seeking a partnership that can foster profitable growth, enhance business acumen and enable end-to-end services for both you and your clients.

By combining the strengths and leading capabilities of both businesses and platforms, this new organization—led by ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee—will enable you to overcome your most pressing scalability, cybersecurity and operational challenges.

With powerful feature sets, advanced business intelligence and a dynamic suite of front- and back-office applications, you’ll be able to much more effectively manage, analyze and drive action based on the increasing volumes of data flowing into your systems on a daily basis.

What Does This Mean for Me as a Partner?

Whether you’re a user of one or both platforms today, there’s a lot to get excited about: access to new products and services, enhanced integrations, unified support and new programs and initiatives designed to maximize your success and user experience.

At the moment, however, nothing should change for you as a Partner. Our teams are currently defining the most seamless ways to bring our solutions, staff and technology systems together and developing our plans to operate as a combined company. Please Continue to work with your current Continuum team and we will provide additional information as we move forward.

Our total commitment and focus remain on technology services providers and the customers you support, as it always has. This merger will empower MSPs to become true disruptors in their space, delivering world-class client experiences while greatly optimizing and streamlining internal operations.

We look forward to providing you with additional information as it becomes available.