ConnectWise Acquires Service Leadership

| By:
Chris Timms

ConnectWise Delivers Total Profit Solutions for TSPs

At ConnectWise, we don’t have customers or clients; we have partners. Because it’s a partnership, our mission, “Power Your Vision of Success”, doesn’t start and stop with software. In fact, we’re committed to supporting our partners at every step of their business journey.   

If you know ConnectWise then you know that we are “all-in” TSPs, offering consulting, professional development through our IT Nation Evolve peer networks, cybersecurity certification, the industry’s leading IT professional development conference of IT Nation Connect, and more. But we’re not stopping there.  

To fulfill our promise of powering partners along their journey to success, we’ve acquired Service Leadership Inc., creators of the Service Leadership Index® - the largest scale, longest running and most accurate benchmark of Solution Provider financial performance, operational maturity and value creation, worldwide. By combining their powerful benchmarking with proven best practices, TSPs can efficiently and effectively drive accelerated performance and maximize the profit potential of their business with lower risk.   

Create your path to business success   

Within the ConnectWise IT Nation community, it’s extremely common for Partners to share their experiences, learn best practices and put what they have learned into practice to perform better in their business. Learning from peers who have already figured things out is just one of the ways to get there.  

We believe the next opportunity for TSPs to excel, is in leveraging benchmarking and best practices from the top-performing TSPs in each business model. It starts with understanding how you are performing, then getting the right strategies and solutions for your business model, and finally, putting the best practices into action. In essence, it’s about improving profitability and creating value in your business. This is what our acquisition of Service Leadership is all about.  

In the past, it's been difficult for TSPs to understand exactly what “good looks like” in their business operations or where to start making improvements in their business. To begin, answer the question, “How am I doing?” You have to see where you’ve been to get to where you want to go. Through the Service Leadership Index® Quarterly Benchmark Report, you’ll take an in-depth look at where you’ve been to determine what improvements are needed to generate high financial performance. You’ll see how your financial performance stacks up against your own performance, the industry and best-in-class for your business model.  

Next, you’ll want to answer, “How can I do better?” It starts with identifying your Operational Maturity Level™ (OML™) based off your Predominant Business Model™.  Not all TSPs are the same. With each step up in operational maturity, the level of chaos, confusion, friction and customer dissatisfaction decline, while the level of control, stability, satisfied customers and satisfied employees goes up. ConnectWise Partners will have access to a customized, detailed Action plan with prescriptive best practices to improve their OML, which leads to higher growth, profit and value. 

All of this, combined with ConnectWise’s business management software platform, the IT Nation and our educational and coaching programs creates the most robust and complete blueprint for how TSPs can successfully navigate the disruption in our industry.  

The work to integrate Service Leadership insights into the ConnectWise platform will begin immediately, offering both new and enhanced Business Insights tools and functionality, so stay tuned for more exciting news.