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April Taylor

April Taylor

April’s career has been focused on software implementation, consulting, process improvement, and product management.

She began her career at ConnectWise in January of 2006 as an Implementation Consultant. On a fast track, she became a sales executive and then served as a Sales Support Manager, where she supported and managed the sales engineer team and internal products/initiatives for the sales team.

April currently serves as the Senior Product Manager, where she manages the product and software development lifecycles of ConnectWise and leads product management programs like the Partner Innovation Network (PIN). April made the 2014 MSPmentor list which recognizes top managed service provider executives, entrepreneurs and experts.

Prior to joining ConnectWise, April worked as a trainer and then product manager for a Property Insight.

Articles by April Taylor

Join Us for the ConnectWise 2016.6 Release

ConnectWise 2016.6 Product Release

Ingenuity never sleeps at ConnectWise! We know just how important speed and efficiency are to your business and with the latest release of ConnectWise 2016.6, those features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Take Control of Your Success with ConnectWise 2016.4

ConnectWise 2016.4 Product Release

In our mission to power your success, we’ve formulated new time-saving features that give you the ability to act proactively, gain greater control of your operations, and offer a better customer experience your clients won’t soon forget. In the ConnectWise 2016.4 release, you’ll see your input reflected in our enhancements. Here are the top 6:

More Accuracy, Effortlessly with ConnectWise Manage 2016.3

Our mission is to power your success with solutions that prepare you for anything. In order to accomplish that mission, we’re constantly devising ways to improve, and your suggestions don’t go unnoticed. The 2016.3 release introduces 2 of the top 5 most-requested features from the enhancements forums, with additional benefits that make the world’s #1…

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3 Benefits of User-Based Billing

Benefits of User-Based Billing

The IT Industry is constantly evolving; that’s the nature of technology. But even with a constant stream of development, there are practices still in use that are, well…antiquated. Device-based billing is one of those practices. It’s time to face it. The days of one device per user are long gone. Device-based billing doesn’t exactly set…

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The “Agile” MSP

Implement Agile Methodology in Your MSP Business

IT Nation is always packed with opportunities to learn from industry experts that are living and breathing the practices and philosophies they’re teaching. This past year I was able to attend a panel discussion on Agile Methodology, and how it transformed one MSP’s project management processes.

Accelerate Your Business with ConnectWise 2016.2

New Features with ConnectWise 2016.2 Release

When it comes to fueling partner success, no improvement is too small. Enter ConnectWise 2016.2, with even more brain friendly enhancements ranging from small fixes, like eliminating the need to retype the Company ID, to brand new solutions like ConnectWise® CloudConsole™. The seamless upgrades in this release are like a nitrous oxide injection for your…

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10 Ways to Change Your Project Management Process

No matter how we may resist it, change is often a good thing. Take the project management process, for instance. In previous posts to this series, we looked at how project management can smooth the path to your success—or take you down a bumpy road to failure—depending on how it’s handled. Project Management Breakdowns Part…

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Brain Friendly & Better than Ever – ConnectWise 2016.1

ConnectWise 2016.1 Release Updates & New Features

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”   – Benjamin Franklin We’re right there with you, Ben. Suffice it to say we’ve never rested on the cliche “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” And that’s why we can’t wait for you to get your hands on our…

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Get More Features in ConnectWise’s New UI

New Features with ConnectWise 22015.6 User Interface (UI)

The new ConnectWise user interface (UI) is designed to be brain friendly, meaning it’s customizable enough that it can behave like an extension of you. In a nutshell, it works the way you do. Many partners are already benefiting from this one-of-a-kind user experience, and now we’re pleased to announce that 5 more features just…

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