How to Take End of Month Sales from Stressful to Painless

Ever wanted a glimpse into the reality of a sales person’s life at the end of the month?

This narrative infographic will help you gain useful perspective with a window into two very different worlds. Experience the struggle of finding lost quotes, and the pressure of replacing outdated information while impatient clients wait. Then, find out who wins in an epic staring contest between a sales rep and a fax machine (hint: the winner doesn’t have eyes). After that, journey through a productive day in the life of a sales person who uses quote and proposal automation to improve sales efficiency.

Establish painless productivity with a CPQ that:

  • Makes it easy to see approvals and agreements
  • Delivers information on-demand
  • View reports, build quotes, and track renewals
  • Win more deals with faster quote creation
  • And make sales simple with automation