2021 MSP Threat Report Findings

Unpack what happened in 2020 and what it means for 2021

Amidst the panic buying, working from home, and reading about a new once-in-a-lifetime event happening every week, it was business as usual for cybercriminals and threat actors in 2020. Buffalo jumps? Yup. Ransomware? You bet. In fact, 60% of MSP client incidents were ransomware-related.

We’ve got a lot to talk about. Join Jay Ryerse, Drew Sanford, and Wes Spencer as they talk through the 2021 MSP Threat Report's findings. They’ll discuss the major cybersecurity events of the past year and take a peek at what 2021 may bring.

Stay tuned for the full 2021 MSP Threat Report coming in April.

Hear our experts break down the major cybersecurity events of 2020