How to scale during a hiring freeze

| By: Geoffrey Willison

During the lifetime of your business, chances are that you will go through a period where you have to enact a hiring freeze. Whether this is due to a global crisis (like the COVID-19 pandemic), an economic recession, or other unforeseen circumstances, it is a reality that many business leaders will face.

The good news is that even when unable to add headcount to your business, there are still ways to scale and prepare for the time when you can bring on more talent. 

It takes a little creativity and a smart use of your resources, but scaling during a hiring freeze is possible.

Three approaches to scaling during a hiring freeze

1. Do more with less

This is the time to maximize efficiency. Even if you have a smaller workforce than you planned for, you are still going to want to do whatever you can to bring in the most possible revenue. 

Focus on the talent that you do have on hand. Everyone brings a different arsenal of experience with them, so lean on that knowledge diversity during a hiring freeze. 

Budgets will be leaner during a hiring freeze, so it’s a good time to experiment with tactics that are creative and cost little to nothing. Encourage brainstorming sessions with cross-departmental teams to see what ideas are generated. A great marketing idea may come from somebody who is not typically involved in those day-to-day tasks. 

As a technology solutions provider (TSP), consider how you structure your packages. Are there more services you can add with the teams you already have in place? 

For example, can you strengthen your security offerings to be more robust and protective? Or, can your techs do more remotely versus in-person in order to increase their bandwidth? 

It’s amazing how a forced situation can open your eyes to newfound strengths, so try thinking out of the box when looking for opportunities to grow.

2. Optimize your teams

Take a look at your current pool of talent. Everyone was hired for a combination of their experience and their people skills. Reassess what each of your team members has to offer and see where there may be opportunities for cross-departmental work. Restructure where possible and play into everyone’s strengths so that everybody can work to the best of their abilities. 

It’s also a good time to increase trainings made available to your employees. Help them advance or learn new skills so that they can bring more to the table and optimize the work they are able to do for you. 

Lastly, if you didn’t already have a cohesive work environment in place, you can aim for that. Make it easy for all team members to collaborate and contribute to ideas. Set overall company goals that all employees can work towards, which keeps motivation high and teams aligned. 

3. Use your tools to your advantage.

You undoubtedly have a stack of tools at your disposal that you use to automate or run some of your business functions. You might use a finance tool to monitor your cash flow, a PSA like ConnectWise Manage® to run your service desk, and an RMM like ConnectWise Automate® to handle your client’s devices. 

Make sure you’re investing adequate time into these tools to get your maximum return out of them. Investing in a proactive approach leads to lower costs and more revenue which sets you up for financial success.

Learn the ins and outs of all features. It’s possible you haven’t had time to discover a facet of your software that allows you to automate your business processes or do something better and faster. 

Utilizing your software, or even adopting a new tool, is unquestionably cheaper than hiring someone new. While the two can’t be equally measured, the tools in your stack can help you scale your business much more efficiently. 

The ConnectWise platform offers a variety of solutions that increase your capabilities and allow you to work smarter.

ConnectWise Manage and ConnectWise Automate are good entry points into business automation. By connecting data and workflows across all stages of the customer lifecycle, ConnectWise Manage creates efficiencies, delivers insight, and supports growth. An RMM like ConnectWise Automate automates technical tasks, resulting in a decrease in service delivery time, with a broad range of tools, including powerful scripting, patching, and remote monitoring. 

Having automation in place allows you to get more out of your teams. It allows you to scale to your demand easier. In the end, you can decrease your support costs and turn your focus to investing your existing cash flows wisely.