Want to Improve Your Invoicing Process? Consider This.

| By: Craig Fulton

Anytime you make a change to your business, its important to consider the impact it could have.  In the case of changing your invoicing process, one wrong move can take your average collection time from 30 days to 60, or 90, or 120 days, and that’s the last thing you want to have happen.

So, when you’ve decided its time to take the next step with your invoicing and billing process, make sure to keep these 10 key considerations in mind before changing anything:
  1. Do I track all billing and contractual commitments in Agreements, such as renewable products that don’t include time or expenses?
  2. Are my agreements updated automatically when services are added, changed, or removed?
  3. Are there configurations attached to agreements for all billed services?
  4. How many Agreements are set up with automatic payments?
  5. What is the total value of invoices ready, but not sent?
  6. Do I have any services with transactions that need to be calculated—web services, phone calls, number of printed pages, data GB or MB for backup and storage?
  7. Do I invoice customers for Expenses, Product, and Time?
  8. Do I route invoices to Account Managers or a Manager before sending?
  9. Do I mass audit time, expenses, or product before generating invoices?
  10. Do I create down payment invoices for projects, agreements, or purchase orders?

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