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Find IT Problems Before They Find You

As an IT professional, monitoring is part of your responsibility in delivering the high level of response and maintenance users expect. With more than 500 out-of-the-box monitors and a multitude of reporting capabilities, ConnectWise® Automate™, formerly LabTech, helps you take the first step toward proactive monitoring and maintenance, while also improving reactive response times.

Monitor Supported Environments from a Single IT Management Platform

Remote Control Sessions

ConnectWise Automate provides a single source of monitoring and reporting for remote control sessions, so you know which of your team members connected remotely, and for exactly how long. ConnectWise Control’s, formerly ScreenConnect's, extended auditing even provides video recording of remote sessions, so you’re always prepared should a client request an audit.

Desktops and Servers

ConnectWise Automate provides a single source of truth for monitoring agent and agentless devices. Out-of-the-box solutions are preconfigured for best practice monitoring, with customization options so your team can control the volume.


Our world is becoming increasingly virtualized, and ConnectWise Automate will help your business adapt to related technologies. Our integrated Virtualization Manager, powered by Network Probe technology, provides multiple host and virtual machine monitors for VMware(r) and Hyper-V(r) infrastructure.

ConnectWise Automate

See How Taking a Proactive Approach Makes the Best Use of Your Resources

Explore Other ConnectWise Automate Features

Patch Management

Automate the process of scheduling and approving patches, simplifying deployment and compliance.

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Streamline your IT operations. From simple tasks to complex processes, you can automate IT.

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“Before ConnectWise Automate, we had so many servers down, so many outages, and so many random issues. We don’t have those calls anymore. Field services spends their time replacing machines proactively vs. trying to get a machine back up that’s already failed.”

Ian Richardson, CEO, Doberman Technologies

Strengthen Your Service Support with the ConnectWise Suite

Resolve Issues Quickly

A solution for remote support, remote access, and remote meetings, ConnectWise Control lets you analyze and solve problems without your clients knowing they exist.

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Take Control of the Cloud

ConnectWise CloudConsole is a management, monitoring, and billing tool for Microsoft® Office 365™, built to save you time and reduce the complexity of supporting your clients’ Office 365 in the cloud.

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