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ConnectWise Automate

Solve IT Issues Before Your Customers Even Know They Happened

Explore the Monitoring Features of ConnectWise Automate

Remote Control Sessions

ConnectWise Automate provides a single source of monitoring and reporting for remote control sessions, so you know which of your team members connected remotely, and for exactly how long. ConnectWise Control’s extended auditing even provides video recording of remote sessions, so you’re always prepared should a client request an audit.

Desktops and Servers

ConnectWise Automate provides a single source of truth for monitoring agent and agentless devices. Out-of-the-box solutions are preconfigured for best practice monitoring, with customization options so your team can control the volume.


Our world is becoming increasingly virtualized, and ConnectWise Automate will help your business adapt to related technologies. Our integrated Virtualization Manager, powered by Network Probe technology, provides multiple host and virtual machine monitors for VMware(r) and Hyper-V(r) infrastructure.

Prevent Issues

Proactively monitoring the activity of the devices you manage and automating issue notification and resolution allows you to stop small issues before they become larger problems.

Be Informed

Understanding what’s happening at your customer’s site is key to ensuring a well-performing environment. Be in-the-know of parameters that may impact the performance your customers are seeing.

Generate Revenue

Every organization should have a standard for the technology they manage. This helps you deliver the service your customers expect. Automatically turn below standard devices into sales opportunities.

Proactive monitoring leads to fewer systems experienced issues or crashes, which, in turn, led to a 20% reduction in the number of tickets (On average over $1.2 million in cost savings over three years.)*

*”Commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact Study”

Network Monitoring. Anytime, Anywhere.

Proactively monitor and automate away common issues with ConnectWise Automate.

“Before ConnectWise Automate, we had so many servers down, so many outages, and so many random issues. We don’t have those calls anymore. Field services spends their time replacing machines proactively vs. trying to get a machine back up that’s already failed.”

Ian Richardson, CEO, Doberman Technologies

Explore More Ways to Strengthen Your Service and Support with ConnectWise

Ensure Service Delivery Success

Take your service delivery to the next level with ConnectWise Manage. This powerful RMM and PSA integration makes it easy to track and manage all your support actions effectively.

Manage Expectations >>

Resolve Issues Quickly

A solution for remote support, remote access, and remote meetings, ConnectWise Control lets you analyze and solve problems without your clients knowing they exist.

Control Devices >>

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