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ConnectWise RMM is the next evolution in unified remote monitoring and management (RMM) solutions. Built on the ConnectWise Asio platform with a cloud-first mindset, it incorporates the power, depth, and control you expect from an RMM automation powerhouse complimented with out-of-the-box monitoring best practices, an intuitive UI, and integrated expert services.

The Asio Platform is a modern cloud platform designed to solve the silos of chaos that have existed in IT management software of the past. Created with a modern microservice architecture and built from the ground up to be secure, scalable, extensible, and reliable with unmatched performance, this platform will be the base for ConnectWise’s portfolio of solutions. ConnectWise RMM is one of the solutions available today that’s built entirely on this revolutionary platform.

Security is the top priority for ConnectWise, and our security-first mindset is brought into everything we do. From our development processes, to enhancing our response processes for zero-day exploits, to adding both accountability and empowerment within our teams to move with added urgency regarding InfoSec concerns. For additional details and for info on the available SOC2/SOC3 report please see our Trust Site Content.

The decision between the two RMM solutions ConnectWise offers should be based on what’s best for your team. We highly recommend that you contact your account manager or request a meeting with one of our sales representatives for a thorough review of your business goals. We’re here to guide you during this decision and supply answers to help you choose the RMM solution that will set you up for success!

Here are just a few key differences between the solutions:

  • Expert Services: Our integrated expert services, like the ConnectWise NOC and Help Desk, are only available with ConnectWise RMM.
  • Hosting: If your business model or client base requires you to host your RMM tool on-premises, look no further than ConnectWise Automate! ConnectWise Automate is available as an on-premises installation or cloud installation, RMM is cloud only.
    Note: If you’re on-premises now and wary of moving to the cloud, we recommend checking out our Scaling for Success webinar where a technical partner success management and product manager for RMM dive into some common challenges and benefits related to the transition.
  • Business Scale: While the ease of use and out-of-the-box automation makes RMM the ideal solution for smaller MSPs, due to the near infinite scale of the Asio platform, ConnectWise RMM is the best choice for companies who are managing, or plan to manage, very large client bases. While this is dependent on your service offering and processes, a general rule of thumb is to choose RMM if you’ll be managing less than 500 or more than 15K endpoints. Most companies in between those two values use other characteristics to choose the best RMM tool for their company.
  • Language Translation: If you’re required by law to display customer-facing information, like the tray icon, etc., in another language, ConnectWise Automate includes language packs to make this possible. c'est manifique!
  • Device Types: If most of your client base uses Mac or Virtual Machines, ConnectWise RMM has deeper and broader support for these device types.

There’s so much more to ConnectWise Automate and RMM that we simply can’t cover here! To learn more, check out our dedicated product pages Automate and RMM, sign up for a live demo, or request a sales consultation today.

Absolutely! Our recommendation is to purchase the RMM solution that is the best fit for your business today. If that’s Automate, you’ll benefit from joining a community of automation veterans and learning from their experiences tailoring the most customizable RMM tool on the market today to achieve their business goals.

Automate and RMM will continue to receive enhancements and innovation specific to the partners and use cases they serve. If changes in your business goals or setup results in the “other” RMM solution becoming a better fit, we have the tools and processes to help you make the transition as seamless as possible.

Please note that some details of your current setup cannot be replicated/migrated due to differences in the solutions. However, several partners have found this to be a perfect time to rethink their current set-up and fix any gaps that may exist with a fresh implementation designed to serve your business needs today and in the future.