From an engineer to a fellow engineer

| By:
Mena Joseph

ConnectWise has grown into a robust platform of software built for technology solutions providers (TSPs) to run their entire as-a-service business. We’ve built powerful business-aiding solutions, including business management, remote monitoring and management (RMM), remote control and access, quote and proposal (CPQ) automation, and cybersecurity risk assessments. Plus, we champion integrations with hundreds of key vendors to extend our solutions for our partners, and we work with the industry’s largest and most engaged community.

As a ConnectWise partner, or if you’re following our industry, do you ever ask yourself what is really going on under the hood? How does ConnectWise keep growing, delivering, and exceeding the competition by keeping up with new technology trends and challenges?

The ConnectWise engineering team would love to share what’s going on under the hood with a new engineering blog series. The ConnectWise community is expanding more and more each day, and engineering teams are part of the community. We will help you learn more about a specific topic and technology and walk through how it is applied to help our teams work through a challenge. Our blogs will focus on being engaging, educational, and on occasion, entertaining.

These engineering blogs will focus more on adding value to the minds and efforts of our technical readers. We’ll discuss innovations and developing projects, solutions to problems, and generally provide relevant information to your professional life. Below are more details and what you’ll get from our engineering blog series.


As a member of the engineering team, constant learning is what keeps us going. Believe me, this is very rewarding, regardless of how complex or challenging it might be. Our engineers are committed to sharing what we have learned with innovation and overcoming challenges while growing as an enterprise technology organization.

In addition, this will be a great opportunity to understand better how ConnectWise products are architected, developed, released, and provisioned while keeping cybersecurity, high availability, and disaster recovery in mind.

Provide feedback

Our KPIs are focused on measuring how we build, deliver, observe, and adjust. However, one key metric we truly care about is partner success—a true measure of our success. We value internal or external feedback, and we hope that sharing our engineering practices, thoughts, accomplishments, and culture will encourage your engagement and feedback.

Helps us grow

Your feedback will help us grow and build stronger relationships with you, our partners. You will be part of our learning, adjusting, and agility as we architect and develop in ways that will help you achieve your most ambitious vision of success.

In addition, your feedback will empower us to embrace even further our culture of innovation, owning the outcome, accountability, and commitment to delivering success through our platform.

Be part of the team

If you or a colleague has ever considered joining the ConnectWise engineering team, this is a great way to see who we are, our team culture, and our passion for what we do. You’ll get an open-door look into what types of technical challenges we solve and the personalities of the engineering team!

As one of the ConnectWise engineering leads, and on behalf of the whole team, we’re excited to showcase our in-house engineering teams to share knowledge and best practices, demonstrate expertise, and allow engineers to show their talents and experience through the lens of their current technology challenges. But most of all, we’re thrilled to give back, learn from each other, build a stronger community, and grow successfully together.