3 key advantages of channel-ready managed services

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For MSP owners looking to grow their business, adopting the right solutions from the get-go could have a huge impact on how quickly and efficiently your business can scale.

While it is important to select feature-rich and user-friendly solutions that your clients will love, it is also important to adopt solutions that are designed for deployment by IT service providers like yourself.

Here are 3 key benefits of deploying solutions with channel-ready features:
1. Scale up your MSP business as it grows

As your MSP business grows, so too will your client base and number of deployments. To make it easy for MSPs to manage numerous clients, most channel-focused solutions will have a multi-tenant management feature.

Multi-tenancy allows MSPs to manage all their clients or deployments from a single management dashboard, instead of having individual administrator credentials for each organization. This feature gives MSPs greater visibility over deployments and allows them to better support and manage their clients as their business scales.

2. Keep your business organized and efficient

One of the key challenges that growing businesses face is scaling up their business operations in an efficient and organized fashion. MSPs can tackle this challenge by adopting solutions that integrate well with other key applications in their MSP business, such as a professional services automation (PSA) tool like ConnectWise Manage®.

With PSA integration, MSPs will be able to systematize their billing in a single platform and access all their support tickets from one place, ensuring fewer technical hiccups for their clients. Adopting solutions with these types of integrations can help MSPs focus on providing high quality solutions and support.

3. Build credibility and trust with your clients

One of the greatest advantages of a solution built with IT solution providers in mind is the visibility and control it offers MSPs. Solutions with extensive administrative and security features will give MSPs, who are the IT experts, better control when managing their clients’ technology, thus mitigating the chances of data loss or other technology mishaps.

With less IT disasters happening under your watch, you will be able to maintain strong credibility with your clients. Having a trusting relationship with your clients is crucial for client retention. Additionally, a strong relationship that results from the successful deployment of one solution can serve as a stepping stone for additional client adoption of your other managed service offerings.

MSPs should keep in mind that while it is important to deploy IT services that clients will love, it is also crucial to choose solutions that align with the needs of MSPs. Solutions with channel-ready features will allow MSPs to operate in the most efficient way while maintaining the highest level of security of their clients’ data.

For MSPs who are considering adopting a secure file sync solution that is simple and easy to deploy, look no further than eFolder Anchor, a business-grade file sync solution designed specifically for deployment by MSPs.

Using Anchor, end users will benefit from advanced features that are designed to empower employee mobility while enhancing collaboration, including the ability to cloud-enable their file server. MSPs can also leverage channel-ready features of Anchor, such as multi-tenancy and ConnectWise billing integration, as well as administrative and security features.

This blog post was authored by Neeraj Periwal of eFolder Anchor.