Automating Your Tech Company: Maximizing ROI With Automation

| By:
Mark Sokol

As a professional in the industry, you’re obviously onboard with the advantages of technology. And you’re no stranger to the streamlining benefits of automating your business processes.

But have you done it yet? If not, maybe it’s because you haven’t quite come to terms with the specific advantages to your business. But more likely, it’s because you haven’t had a spare moment free from your job as head juggler.

Indulge me here. Imagine all of your company’s pertinent information and critical tasks as brightly colored balls. You’ve got to keep them in full view and constant motion. Every professional juggler knows that eventually a ball is going to be dropped, even if only a handful are being played.

So how realistic is it to think human error won’t affect the hundreds of “balls” being kept in the air by your team every day? Picture dropped balls rolling everywhere, tripping the other jugglers, making handoffs impossible, getting lost. The result? Silos of Chaos®.

Employees are your company’s most valuable investment. Their efficiency and effectiveness are a straight line to your profitability. It’s only fair to you—and them—to invest in tools that allow them to function at their most productive.

While numbers can vary slightly, most industry experts agree that billable resources should bring in at least 2.5 times what they’re being paid for a solid ROI. Is that even a possibility within your current method of doing business?

Try a quick and simple analysis of what’s draining your profits from a labor cost perspective. Select a handful of your employees and multiply their hourly rate by the estimated average weekly hours they spend doing repetitive tasks, correcting errors, searching for misplaced information, or spinning wheels in the approval process. The cost of lost hours is multiplied as it moves up the management chain, as it inevitably will. You might be surprised to find how much valuable time, not to mention specialized talent, is being wasted. Even more eye-opening—think about how those resources may have been redirected specifically toward strategic activities to drive revenue growth.

So maybe it’s time to take a hard look at any “clowning around” that’s costing your growth potential. Get the ball rolling toward a better bottom line by supporting your team with the efficiencies of an automated business management platform.

In my next post, I share a few tips for selecting the right automation tools for you.