9 Ways StreamlineIT Improves Client Relationships Part 2

Ready to check out the rest of the top 9 Ways that StreamlineIT Improves Client Relationships?  Let's jump back in with #6.

If you missed the first part of this blog, you can find tips #1-5 here.

#6: StreamlineIT improves IT accountability and service levels.

This technology enables tracking of internal SLAs, so the IT department can set service goals and work toward improvement. Tracking accurate time and costs can help justify additional internal IT resources and/or external services provided by your firm.

#7: It helps your clients protect their businesses.

Many small businesses lack the redundancy in IT to ensure continued operations if their IT person left suddenly. If they have StreamlineIT, your clients can rely on you to bridge the gap when turnover occurs in the IT department, or if a busier season in their business demands a surge of IT support.

#8: StreamlineIT helps you find more opportunities to add value for your clients.

Because you share a view of your client’s IT tickets and utilization, you will be able to spot potential areas where you can offer new solutions. Present reports to show how adding your products or services could eliminate IT problems.

#9: It improves client retention.

StreamlineIT is a service that you provide to your clients, and it’s a powerful tool for retention. They will come to rely on this technology as much as you do. You control the licensing to StreamlineIT; if a client decides to leave, you simply turn it off.

Discover how StreamlineIT can help you grow your business by empowering your clients’ internal IT.