How Forza Technology Solutions upped efficiencies through ConnectWise

| By:
Craig Fulton

Joe Pannone is the CEO of Forza Technology Solutions, an MSP specializing in application development with notable applications, including CWDash.

With three offices throughout the Greater Connecticut area, Forza Technology Solutions brings about $3 million in revenue annually and employs approximately 15 IT professionals. 

We spoke with Joe to learn how ConnectWise plays a part in their successful business operations. 

How Forza Technology Solutions got its start

Forza Technology Solutions was founded in 1993 in Joe’s father’s garage as a computer support and programming firm, which later evolved into an MSP and AppDev. 

As Forza Technology Solutions continued to grow and developed mid-management, they needed a significant platform shift. All of their previous systems were internally created and flawed with time leakage and other inefficiencies. 

Becoming a ConnectWise partner

Forza Technology Solutions has been a ConnectWise partner for 14 years. Before making the move to ConnectWise, Joe and his team used internal systems for business management which made it difficult for his team to track time, tickets, and invoicing. 

These challenges are what lead Joe to look for a new solution. In 2007, Joe signed on with ConnectWise stating it was the best option in 2007 and still is today. Forza Technology Solutions relies on ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage) to view their entire operation through a single pane of glass and gain the clarity they lacked back in the day. 

By having a focus and strength in coding and database, Joe and his team were able to create internal dashboards to meet the needs of management by developing CWDash, a free ConnectWise PSA Business Intelligence application that connects vendors with MSPs. Joe explained that now, with ConnectWise PSA coupled up with the CWDash app, almost nothing slips through the cracks.

Getting involved in The IT Nation

Joe quickly realized that engaging with The IT Nation® community was a big part of Forza Technology Solutions’ success. He found value in all of the IT Nation events, including IT Nation Share, IT Nation Explore, IT Nation Connect, and IT Nation Evolve. 

“This was an extraordinary move. I could collaborate with peers in a selfless and trustworthy way that was astounding. Upon reflection, I found such relief knowing I was not on an island by myself.”

Through these user groups, peer groups, and by joining the community, Joe was able to develop long-lasting friendships with other business leaders who were very similar to him, and together they could all help each other grow and overcome challenges. 

As a business focused on marketing and application development, every IT Nation event presented Joe the opportunity to connect with friends, develop new partnerships, and build relationships with prospective customers. 

“During a review with my peer group, I inadvertently displayed some of our dashboards. My peers stopped my presentation, demanded that they have these dashboards, and insisted I go to market. They would eventually become my beta test group."