How ConnectWise has helped MHD Communication streamline their sales process

| By:
Craig Fulton

Kara Knight is the COO of MHD Communications, a total technology solution provider (TSP) that offers both managed services packages and support and hardware for all the technology needs for SMB’s throughout Tampa Bay. 

MHD Communications has one central office location in Tampa with a mix of 25 employees working on-premise and remotely. In 2020, their sales revenue was right at $3.2M with the hope to grow revenue-wise and people-wise. In the past, they’ve struggled to find people that fit the MHD Communications culture. Met with high turnover, Kara Knight and team have the plans—and the solutions—to overcome this challenge.  

How MHD Communications got its start 

MHD Communications was established in 2003, initially as a mobile help desk. Since then, they’ve grown to provide high-quality, comprehensive technology solutions to support all types of businesses. Over the past few decades, this exponential growth has secured MHD Communications as one of Tampa Bay’s premier technology provides with their ability to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology world. 

Known to many as the one call for a variety of solutions, MHD Communications offers Professional Services, including physical security for intrusion detection, surveillance, access control, nurse call, and AV solutions, low voltage cable, and fiber solutions. Their goal is to meet their clients’ technology needs from beginning to end. 

Kara Knight joined MHD Communications in 2008 as a part-time receptionist with zero IT industry experience. But as someone who has had to wear many hats in order to succeed and thrives in the SMB market, Kara started filling in gaps and got excited about the possibilities.  

“Twelve years later, I am the company’s COO,” said Kara, “and I love the IT industry and everything I have learned in this environment.”   

Becoming a ConnectWise partner  

MHD Communications became a ConnectWise partner in late 2019, but it wasn’t a quick decision. Kara shared, “We always knew about ConnectWise, but we were hesitant because we thought the cost of their solutions and products wouldn’t fit our budget.” 

They knew they needed to make some changes with their work order system and wanted to enhance the lifecycle of the sales process. So Kara and her team sat down and came up with their “wish list” for just that and which integrations they needed. “ConnectWise was really our only option,” she said. “We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the price was comparable to other options on the market and ConnectWise solved more problems than those competitors could.” 

Today, MHD Communications uses ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage), ConnectWise Automateâ, ConnectWise Controlâ, and ConnectWise CPQ™ (formerly Sell) as their all-in-one solution. Kara explained that now, with these solutions, they have a centralized place for all departments to communication, a streamlined sales process, and automation and enhanced workflows for technicians. 

“Having the ability to bring all departments into one product and track everything from start to finish has been a game-changer for us!”  

Getting involved in The IT Nation 

Kara has found that by being a part of The IT Nation community, she has access to wise people who truly understand this market and are genuinely excited to help her and MHD Communications succeed.  

As a frequent attendee of IT Nation Connect and IT Nation Evolve, Kara engages in conversations and peer groups with the mindset of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” 

“I always walk away with something helpful when I engage in this community and it’s never a waste of time!”