Q3 2018 remote support updates

| By: Jeff Bishop

Wondering what’s new on the remote support menu? We’ve got you covered. Since our last update we’ve added new features, fixes, and enhancements that will improve your ability to help your end users faster and more efficiently. Let’s dive in!

Look and feel updates

Host page animation enhancements will improve the performance and user experience on the Host page by loading faster and being more subtle. Now, admins also have the option to disable the animations altogether, depending on preference.

Helping your guests join a session is less challenging with updated join session instructional graphics. The simplified graphics reduce confusion for guests, making the join process quicker and easier for end users to follow, helping you get to problem-solving faster.

White labeling ConnectWise Control® can be as simple or as detailed as you like. If you’re just getting started, you can quickly and intuitively find the theme you’d like to apply using thumbnails, eliminating the need to click on each individual theme to preview it.

Efficiency updates

When it comes to support sessions, time is everything! The live monitor preview feature helps you see a live preview of all the machine’s monitors in the Host client while connected to a session, making it easy to switch between monitors and manage changes all at once.

Want to be able to execute session events based on triggers to easily execute commands programmatically? You’ve got it! With new session event trigger actions, hosts can automatically kick off session events, such as running commands, on a remote machine based on predetermined triggers.

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