Streamline upfront payments with CPQ, PSA, and WisePay

| By:
Paul MacNeill

In today's fast-paced business environment, efficiency and cash flow management are crucial for success. With the latest advancements in ConnectWise CPQ™, ConnectWise PSA™, and WisePay™, a ConnectWise solution, businesses can streamline their payment processes, ensuring fast and accurate quote creation, collection of up-front payments, and effective management of prepayments. In this blog, we will explore the new functionalities that make accepting and managing upfront payments easier and more scalable.

Fast and accurate quote creation with guided selling functionality

It all starts with quote creation. One of the key features of ConnectWise CPQ that helps simplify quoting is our new guided selling functionality. This powerful innovation enables businesses to create quotes quickly and accurately. By guiding users through a series of questions and predefined options, guided selling ensures that all necessary project components are considered, resulting in comprehensive and error-free quotes.

This not only saves time but also enhances customer satisfaction by providing transparent and detailed quotes that make it easy to say yes. To learn more about configuring guided selling, check out this university documentation.

Collecting upfront payment to secure funds necessary to deliver customer projects

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is vital for any business. Collecting upfront payments is an effective way to secure funds for customer components and ensure a steady stream of revenue. With ConnectWise CPQ, PSA, and WisePay, businesses can easily collect upfront payments from clients via the online ConnectWise CPQ quote. This helps mitigate financial risks and provides the necessary funds to initiate projects promptly. By integrating payment collection into the quoting process, businesses can streamline operations and maintain a healthy cash flow.

Managing "pre" payments in ConnectWise PSA with automatically created down payments

Historically, many TSPs have avoided accepting upfront payments because the process to manage the payment was too manual—some partners citing a 15-step process. With our new functionality, WisePay payments made via ConnectWise CPQ’s order porter quote will automatically generate a down payment invoice within ConnectWise PSA for that customer. This new functionality eliminates up to 12 steps of the process.

Ensuring upfront payments are applied correctly

Applying prepayments to the correct records is essential for accurate financial reporting and project tracking. ConnectWise PSA's down payment functionality ensures that prepayments are allocated to the right customer, and can then be restricted to the appropriate project or service record. This reduces the risk of misallocation, making it easier for businesses to maintain accurate records, enjoy more visibility into their finances, and ensure prepayments are used effectively.


The new functionalities within ConnectWise CPQ, PSA, and WisePay have revolutionized the way businesses accept and manage upfront payments. With fast and accurate quote creation through guided selling, collecting upfront payments to maintain a healthy cash flow, and the down payment functionality within ConnectWise PSA, businesses can streamline their payment processes and ensure that prepayments are managed easily and applied correctly. By leveraging these advanced features, businesses can enhance efficiency, improve financial management, and ultimately drive growth.