It’s here! ConnectWise Manage 2017.4

| By:
Linda Brotherton

Here at ConnectWise, creativity and innovation is what gets us up in the morning. We’re constantly looking to find new ways to better support your unique operational needs - which is why we’re excited to announce the release of ConnectWise Manage® 2017.4. Our team is utterly devoted to achieving your biggest enhancement requests, so we don’t stop working until they become a reality. With this latest release, we’ve worked hard to deliver the resource-saving features you need to improve outcomes and processes.

Check out the latest additions:

Meeting invites

Your technicians and engineers are working on issues as they come in. More support requests come in, but they need a scheduled visit or a meeting to complete the job. As the service manager or dispatcher, you need to be able to schedule calls and meetings to fit the availability of your techs and your client. Meeting invites make it possible to schedule everything and keep ticket details in one place. No more scheduling meetings in separate systems.

You’ll also find that email replies, confirmations, and declined requests are processed and updated in the Resources & Meetings pods in ConnectWise Manage. This ensures that all scheduling, notes, and details are stored inside of Manage for quick and easy access.

Offload unwanted accounting records

Your techs are tracking their time, and those time entries make it possible for you to bill your clients accurately and get paid for the work you do. You can do all of that inside ConnectWise Manage, but if your accounting system is also creating invoices, you’re risking billable time slipping through the cracks. With ConnectWise Manage, you can just remove records that are already on an invoice so they won't be added as a duplicate in your accounting system.

Just like that, you’re eliminating interference with accounting. Unposted invoices, expenses, and procurement items can also be selected and removed from their respective tabs in the Accounting Interface screen.

Updated billing additions

Recurring invoices fluctuate from one month to the next. Quantity counts of what you bill can change depending on your client needs. With ConnectWise Manage, quantity changes billed to your client's agreements can be quickly added to an invoice and sent immediately for collection.

Don’t wait until the next billing cycle to get paid for the work you’re doing. With these improved billing features, you can stay ahead of the game and up-to-date with your billing processes so nothing slips through the cracks at the end of the billing cycle.

Dispatch portal member filter

It’s up to you to make sure your techs are busy and the work is evenly spread out. Managing tasks across disparate schedules can be tough, and you have to find the best ways to route incoming requests to the people with the right skills and the time to get things done. ConnectWise Manage makes the process simpler by allowing you to find the right resources and then filter to find the best time.

Satisfy your inner organizer by overcoming the complexity of conflicting schedules. Filter by user to view their calendar and guarantee easier scheduling. You can also select multiple resources with a click of a button to display a single instance.

Email notes to contributors

Any internal member can now enter notes on a ticket which will appear in the notes pod. This eliminates the need to add the member as a resource to send an email. Quick emails also enable a timely response on the member’s ticket update.

Now, don’t just take our word for it. Learn how to leverage the power of ConnectWise Manage 2017.4 by reviewing the enhancement details in the release notes and in this recorded webinar. We’re confident you’ll be just as thrilled as we are!