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How data is driving 30% growth for Simpatico Systems

Simpatico Systems LLC

Simpatico Systems began with a mission to help business owners work more efficiently, without getting tied up in complicated billing and solution options. To make it easier to run the show, President Greg Bazar chose a managed services model for his offices in California and Texas.

Simpatico wanted to offer expert customer support and improved utilization while scaling their growing business. Part of the challenge was finding the right software solutions to support them.
The Simpatico team implemented ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage), ConnectWise Automate®, and ConnectWise Control® to support their growth and their customers’ needs.
As a result of the integrated capabilities of the ConnectWise platform solutions, accountability, usage, and growth were improved by more than 30%.

"With ConnectWise PSA & ConnectWise Automate, we can manage efficiency within .02%. Time is 100% accounted for, and utilization is up to 95%."

– GREG BAZAR, President, Simpatico Systems

Necessary research

It wasn’t long before Greg saw the need to make a change. After installing an open-source ticketing system to get things going, it took about three months before data was spread all over the place. “I knew there had to be something better,” Greg explained.

Greg was big into data, and determined to use solid data to make sure he was accounting for time and driving efficiency. “Time is the only resource we don’t have more of,” he said, explaining his commitment to using it properly. He set out on the search to find a software solution that allowed Simpatico to use data easily, allowing techs to track tickets and communicate effortlessly.

In the Texas office, Simpatico tried out Tigerpaw®, which lasted 15 days before they knew it wasn’t the right fit for them. The next stop was Autotask, whose prices meant they never made it past the inquiry stage. A parade of other solutions were considered, before Greg found—and committed to—ConnectWise PSA in 2009. A local ConnectWise partner mentioned the solutions, and Greg was excited that it offered all the features necessary to run a successful technology services business.

After attending his first IT Nation—and another round of research—Greg found ConnectWise Automate. Once his techs got a chance to closely evaluate several solutions—including Kaseya—and give individual feedback, they unanimously selected ConnectWise Automate, citing the data backend and reliable to/from commands as strong features that set it apart from the competition. By implementing the powerful remote monitoring & management tool, which seamlessly works with ConnectWise PSA, the stage was set for growth. “ConnectWise Automate had the best bang for the buck and the best feature set to what we needed as a growing company,” Greg recalls.

Easy data

Greg recognized how significantly Simpatico could be impacted—and improved—by strong data. “You need easy data to be accountable,” he offered. Depending on the data from ConnectWise PSA and ConnectWise Automate, he was able to set weekly and quarterly metrics that helped keep the team on track for continued growth and success.

Once ConnectWise Automate was in place, it was time to take things to the next level, so Simpatico brought on ConnectWise Control, which improved on the ConnectWise Automate VNC. “Being able to remote in with a fixed client has made a huge difference,” Greg shared. As a powerful remote control solution, ConnectWise Control gave Simpatico a self-hosted solution that could live in their data center, and offered the security their clients needed. When the ConnectWise Control team also offered great support, Simpatico was won over for sure.

Big results

Seeing the incredible results in the Texas office, ConnectWise solutions were implemented in the California office in 2015. With the integration of three ConnectWise platform solutions, Simpatico’s California office has improved their 5-day close rate from 40% to 69%, and their 24-hour close rate has jumped from 50% to 88% at the same location. The Texas office boasts a 97.8% 24-hour close rate, and overall customer service has seen a marked increase.

15 stat screens posted around the office give Greg a constant, real-time look at vital data being pulled from ConnectWise through APIs. With that kind of visibility, business management gets a lot easier. Greg can see statuses, average close times, and make sure managers and team leads are all on task.

ConnectWise reports provide the company with state-of-network reporting capabilities, and allow them to advertise an effective billable rate thanks to hyper-accurate time tracking. Thanks to automation, Simpatico can keep their hourly rate low.

As a part of the ConnectWise Ecosystem, these solutions mean Simpatico has freed up several hours every week that were spent on manual tasks like invoicing in QuickBooks. Instead of losing money, they can track all outgoing and incoming cash flow, relying on ConnectWise to attach purchase orders to tickets, customers, and opportunities. No reconciling means more time and increased revenue for the team. With such great results, now Greg is looking forward to what the next year has to offer Simpatico.

"I can see and manage issues without leaving my desk. We’re more efficient, and our customers are happier."

– GREG BAZAR, President, Simpatico Systems

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