ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management: Five ways to navigate

| By:
Todd Sizer

Nearly 80% of senior IT professionals and IT security leaders believe their organizations lack sufficient protection against cyberattacks. This is despite increased IT security investments made in 2020 to deal with distributed IT and work-from-home challenges, according to a new IDG Research Services survey commissioned by Insight Enterprises

That means most of us are aware that we lack in our strategic cybersecurity plan. 

Why is having a cybersecurity plan critical for a business’ success? According to CIS, “this year, the virtual landscape will only grow from remote workforces to new threats wanting to take advantage of vulnerabilities: remote work, ransomware, artificial intelligence, and cyber insurance.”

Perch, a ConnectWise solution, released the 2021 Perch MSP Threat Report. Every prediction they made in the first edition came true, therefore we consider this report to be incredibly important in identifying the next round of threats. This year, Perch CISO Wes Spencer predicts, “attackers will exploit your lack of visibility or understanding across multiple programs.” To access the full 2021 Perch MSP Threat Report, click here

How do businesses elevate their cybersecurity plan? ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management currently offers six different solutions within the Cybersecurity Management suite to help businesses kick it up a notch. These include: Cybersecurity Management Assessment, Cybersecurity Management Endpoint, Cybersecurity Management SaaS, Cybersecurity Management Protection, Cybersecurity Management Network, and Cybersecurity Management Perch Network Threat Detection. Let’s dive into five ways to navigate a few of these solutions better. 

Cybersecurity Management Assessment  

ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management Assessment helps users with customer-facing reports, quick threat identification, and in-depth security assessments. Assessment users should recognize the importance of pointing out vulnerabilities and understanding their exposure on the dark web. While identifying dark web exposure, users can then understand any security gap they may have and then have access to ongoing dark web monitoring in the future. 

Cybersecurity Management Endpoint 

ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management Endpoint manages detection and response while providing instant response and remediation, as well as advanced threat detection for its users. We strongly encourage users to create customized dashboards for their technicians. Not only can users create the content of the dashboard based on all of their customer accounts but they can use widgets to show a specific client’s information. Users should also create an account-level widget that shows endpoint agent versions across customer locations and sites. A key takeaway here is that keeping machines up to date helps businesses stay ahead of new cybersecurity threats.  

Secondly, let’s talk about reporting. After a client has been onboarded, users should schedule a report either on a weekly or a monthly basis. This report will then automatically be emailed to the user, who can then forward it to clients. Users also have the option to review with a client on their business review. Providing reports to customers is a great way to show value, and ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management Endpoint makes this easy to do with automated reports. 

Cybersecurity Management Perch Network Threat Detection

This feature allows users to be hands-on. We suggest partners create a process to check the Perch escalated alerts. This is done in the Perch management console. Partners can view the escalated alerts to review what the SOC team is requesting of them. Escalated alerts mean the SOC is seeking additional information from the partner before addressing a threat. We suggest checking these alerts two to three times a day. 

Cybersecurity Management Identify

Something that is often overlooked when assessing a business’s risk posture is what policies and procedures they have in place when it comes to cybersecurity. Businesses think of cybersecurity and assessments as doing a vulnerability scan. Yet, it truly is about people, processes, and technology. Doing a Cybersecurity Management Identify assessment will highlight what gaps there are in an organization’s policies and procedures they currently have in place. A true analysis of a company’s risk posture should include a technical scan and an Identify assessment. 


Consider this the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the ConnectWise Cybersecurity Management suite. Cybersecurity Management solutions truly have something for everyone when it comes to providing cybersecurity solutions and monitoring tools for MSPs. Be sure to check out our Facebook page for more helpful tips, and be on the lookout for our next Cybersecurity Management blog that will chip away more of the Cybersecurity Management iceberg.