ConnectWise cares: COVID-19 relief

| By:
Kathy Smith

At ConnectWise, we've seen and heard the struggles of our partners who have been affected by the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. We believe in uniting during this difficult time and working together to make a difference. That's why the ConnectWise Foundation has established the COVID-19 Relief Fund.

What is the COVID-19 Relief Fund?

Through the ConnectWise Foundation, the COVID-19 Relief Fund was established with the goal of helping small business IT providers cope with the economic impacts of the coronavirus. We have a responsibility to give back to local communities in which we live and work, and it is our mission to fund and promote initiatives that improve lives and the world around us.

We’re all feeling the effects of COVID-19, and many small businesses are closing or reducing their operations to slow the spread. At ConnectWise, we work with thousands of small- to medium-sized technology solution providers (TSPs) who enable those small businesses to work smarter and securely. As the economy slows down, these TSPs are seeing work disappear.

That’s why the COVID-19 Relief Fund will distribute monetary assistance to small business IT providers in our community that are financially struggling through this pandemic to help them stay on their feet. This includes supporting TSPs, managed services providers (MSPs), value-added resellers (VARs), and more.

How are the funds being raised?

You may be wondering just how the funds are being raised to help our IT community on such a large scale. The following contributions have made a huge difference in our philanthropic initiative:


Partners and colleagues have continued to donate to the cause, showing a true compassion for the community. According to Vice President of Brand and Ecosystem Evangelism at ConnectWise Arlin Sorensen, “As a founder myself, I understand the responsibility of owning and operating a company through times of crises. It is not only a fiscal responsibility, but an emotional one. I'm fortunate to be in a position where I can donate to support our great IT Nation so that companies doing important work can continue to innovate while supporting their most important asset: their employees.”

Arnie Bellini, Co-Founder and Senior Advisor at ConnectWise, also donated to the fund. Arnie says, “The MSP community and the members of the IT Nation are the ones who have made ConnectWise successful over the years. As the company’s founder, it is my opportunity to give back to the members of those communities who need our support today.”

Our vendors have also jumped in to contribute as well.

“To further support MSPs and the SMB communities they serve during this tumultuous time, Webroot has chosen to donate to the ConnectWise COVID-19 Relief Fund. Webroot prides itself on delivering security solutions purpose-built for MSPs, and now more than ever, these businesses need cyber resilience to maintain continuity. Alongside ConnectWise, we’re committed to delivering the resources MSPs need, not only to survive today, but to thrive tomorrow.” - Charlie Tomeo, VP Channel Sales at Webroot, an OpenText company

Jason Magee salary contributions

ConnectWise CEO Jason Magee pledged six weeks of donating 40 percent of his salary to the ConnectWise Foundation. That money flows directly into the ConnectWise Hand Wash Karaoke effort, funding those in need, including non-ConnectWise partners.

Hands That Give

The IT Nation Evolve Hands That Give Emergency Response Fund has historically helped members of our community during times of personal and professional struggles. Many donors to Hands That Give generously allowed the reallocation of their donations to the COVID-19 Relief Fund to help us provide assistance to our struggling community.

Hand Wash Karaoke

Hand Wash Karaoke—a fun social media challenge encouraging participants to sing while washing their hands for 20 seconds—was an initiative started in collaboration with Hands That Give to spread awareness for our TSP community on the front lines of supporting small businesses that have been adversely affected by coronavirus.

In combination, these sources have helped us raise over $200,000 for COVID-19 relief!

How can I contribute?

If you would like to be a part of providing COVID-19 relief to TSPs, please go to this page and make a donation:

How does this help MSPs affected by COVID-19?

Goldman Sachs has shown that a majority of small businesses only have less than a month worth of cash flow saved up before they are put at risk for shutting down—and 58.9 million people are employed by small businesses in the US alone. This means the risk for bankruptcy runs very high for small businesses in times of economic crisis.

By providing financial assistance, we are enabling these businesses to stay on their feet long enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel and recover. Take a look at what one of our partners has to say about how this funding helped his business:

"As the chief executive of an IT support and managed service provider, I am responsible for the continued growth of my business, even during uncertain times. This grant from ConnectWise is a critical piece to our business continuity plan, and I encourage more small business owners to look into the application process.” - Dustin Puryear, CEO, Puryear IT

How can TSPs receive funding from the ConnectWise Foundation?

We want businesses to thrive, and we don’t limit that desire to just our partners. That’s why we are offering funding of up to $5,000 to all TSPs that meet the requirements outlined on our website. The application to apply for funds is on the Philanthropy webpage.

We are doing everything we can to be there for those in need, but we are just one piece of the puzzle. We are so proud of everyone in this community who has stepped up to make a change in these difficult times. Together, we can have a positive impact in our community and help each other succeed.