ConnectWise Business Management: Q1 Recap

| By:
Parker Trojanowski

ConnectWise Business Management kicked off 2024 with a range of innovations across the portfolio. With so much innovation happening, it can be tough to stay on top of all that is available—so this blog serves as a round-up of all the exciting innovations in Q1 across your favorite business management solutions.

Each of our released innovations was designed with our core vision at heart—supplying you with solutions that drive more efficiency through automation, reducing internal costs, improving both the customer and employee experience, and helping our partners grow their profitability.

Artificial intelligence (AI) powered by ConnectWise Sidekick

In 2023, we introduced ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA, revolutionizing the way your organization can access information, work service requests, and resolve customer issues. After releasing the ticket assistant pod, the Microsoft Teams bot, and more, our team continued to innovate. We’ve introduced new functionality for the Teams bot, including a new “company snapshot” and insights to outstanding procurement orders by vendor—that’s right, all through Microsoft Teams. ConnectWise Sidekick for PSA is built to empower your entire organization, helping them find and take action on the right data at the right time.

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ITBoost™, a ConnectWise solution, is also leveraging generative AI to create knowledge-base articles and SOPs. Currently in early access, ConnectWise Sidekick for ITBoost will speed up the time it takes to create the knowledge that keeps your business efficient and resilient.

Learn more about knowledge-base creation in ITBoost >>

ConnectWise PSA

ConnectWise has been on the journey of reimagination, and Q1 delivered reimagined projects and reimagined procurement.

ConnectWise PSA cloud partners with SSO enabled can opt-in today to experience a modernized project management experience, including a refreshed work plan, Gantt chart, and net-new Kanban functionality. To learn more about enabling ConnectWise PSA reimagined projects, check out the documentation >>

Procurement screens have also been modernized to improve the experience and enhance the capabilities—including new change order functionality. ConnectWise PSA cloud partners with SSO enabled can opt-in to these screens today. To learn how, check out the documentation >>

Additionally, you can now require fields on specific service boards. ConnectWise PSA’s custom fields setup table has provided the option of not only adding custom fields to your PSA instance but also the ability to make standard fields required.

Now, you can be as specific as necessary—and only make certain fields required on specific boards. This is especially helpful for items such as “agreement”—perhaps you have internal boards that would never require that. Now, you don’t have to! Check out ConnectWise PSA version 2024.1 here>>

ConnectWise CPQ

Quoting has always been a critical component of the lifecycle—it is often one of the first experiences your customers have with you. It is critical that these quotes are not only created efficiently but also accurately. Guided selling is now available—with more enhancements coming!—to standardize the way your team creates quotes. Get accurate and beautiful quotes out the door faster than ever with ConnectWise CPQ’s powerful feature set.

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Additionally, we’re excited to have added the ability to export your quote list to Microsoft Excel. This export makes it easier to filter and report on your quotes, as well as share this information with others in your organization.

Learn more about quote search list export here >>

BrightGauge™, a ConnectWise solution

BrightGauge empowers IT solution providers (TSPs) to uncover critical data points that help businesses drive better decisions and more growth. In Q1, BrightGauge released a new dataset for ConnectWise PSA cloud—Agreement Recap. Now, you can easily pull this data into your reports and dashboards. In addition to this new dataset, PSA custom fields for contacts, invoices, sales orders, and time entry datasets are now available.

Learn more about 2024 BrightGauge innovations here >>

Historically, PSA partners moving from on-premises to the cloud worried that customization built into BrightGauge would be lost, and this could potentially be holding them back from making a move. Now, you can make the move while still retaining your customizations in BrightGauge.

Learn more about maintaining customizations here >>

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Service Leadership, Inc.®, a ConnectWise solution

Service Leadership, Inc. is notorious for the data, insights, and prescriptive guidance that helps TSPs grow. In Q1, the Budget Pro Forma Tool™ was introduced—it’s designed to assist in planning and setting a detailed fiscal year budget. The module facilitates better financial management and informed decision-making for improved economic performance and increased company value.

The Annual Compensation Report was also made available, where you can find a wealth of information about the compensation of 50+ sales, service, administrative, and management positions common to TSPs.

SmileBack™, a ConnectWise solution

Understanding your customers’ satisfaction levels is critical to continuously delivering amazing experiences and being able to remedy a bad one. With SmileBack, your customers can easily share their feedback, and you can review and act on it. In Q1, SmileBack introduced in-app benchmarking so that you can compare your CSAT and NPS performance against over 1,500 managed service provider (MSP) partners. SmileBack also introduced a brand-new global client experience dashboard that has been completely overhauled to bring together CSAT, NPS, and project survey data into one place.

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WisePay™, a ConnectWise solution

WisePay has made it easier to review and understand cancelled payments. Now, the transaction history will display the cancelation reason and who it was canceled by. This surfaces details, making it easier for business owners to find what they need when they need it.

Learn more about setting up WisePay for PSA >>

Q2: another quarter of innovation

We’re not slowing down in Q2—so stay tuned! We are bringing game-changing innovation in Q2, including a new quote-to-cash functionality that dramatically streamlines the process of accepting upfront payments.

For other ConnectWise Business Management innovations, check out our roadmap, monthly innovation webinar series, and quarterly roadmap webinar with Jake Varghese on April 25!