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Third-party patch management

It’s essential to manage third-party patching to close vulnerabilities and protect your clients’ security. ConnectWise Automate third-party patch management allows you to audit, patch, document, and even bill for third-party application updates. All third-party patch definitions are deployed following best practices, with automatic daily downloads ensuring you always patch to the latest version. Administrative time is significantly reduced so your technicians can focus their attention elsewhere.

Leverage automation for simple & secure third-party patching

Start patching immediately

Use third-party patch management’s easy setup and configuration to start patching products right away

Natively extend ConnectWise Automate

Built in-house as an extension of ConnectWise Automate, third-party patch management allows for a seamless patching experience

Gain monthly recurring revenue

Add third-party patching to your monthly agreements as enhanced value for your clients

Automate billing through your PSA

Integrate with your PSA to automate the billing process, and add third-party patch management to your invoices

Third-party patch management support

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ConnectWise Automate provides the flexible remote monitoring and management tools you need to automate any IT task, work on multiple machines at the same time, manage everything through a single console, easily manage IT policies across multiple endpoints, and much more.

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Remote monitoring

Provide the best proactive service by monitoring for IT problems and then automating fixes.

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Remote management

React fast with remote control and manage multiple machines simultaneously without interrupting end users.

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