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Put Security at the Heart of Your Services

Being a security-first MSP doesn’t require a drastic change in business operations, but a few tweaks to things you’re already doing. Adding security to your business’s culture and implementing internal security measures allows you to protect yourself and your customers better. With the added focus on security within, you can prove to your customers that security is at the forefront of every service you provide.

Provide a Proactive, Risk-Based Approach to Security

Managing security is all about knowing and mitigating risk. If you only have a reactive, incident-based approach to security, you’re missing the bigger picture. By identifying risk, you can start having productive discussions on risk tolerance and address security proactively.

Deliver a Valuable, High-Margin Service

Enterprise-level risk assessments have been around for decades, but cost tens of thousands of dollars and take weeks to perform. With a SaaS-based risk assessment platform like ConnectWise Identify, you can offer high-margin risk assessments for a low, monthly fee.

Develop a Revenue-Generating Security Roadmap

With risk assessments, you can provide your customers with meaning, direction, and a roadmap for advanced security recommendations—whether through products or services. Turn the top risks into an ongoing security project your customers are more likely to buy into and invest in.

Assess Yourself to Protect Your House

Do you know where your own business is most vulnerable to an attack? As a service provider, it’s equally as important to create an ongoing plan for your security measures. After all, your customers trust you to keep their data safe. Use risk assessment to determine your gaps and make a plan for your team.

Increase Your Minimum Standards With Threat Detection

Implementing a co-managed threat detection platform like Perch offers advanced security with little ramp-up time for your team. ‘Co-managed’ means a fully staffed SOC handles all of the alerts while giving you full visibility into alert data. The flexibility to participate in triage allows your team to learn and grow their skills, allowing a smooth transition if, and when, you’re ready to take threat detection in-house.

Discover Solution to Fill Every Security Gap

No matter what security gaps you discover during a risk assessment, the ConnectWise Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for best-in-breed security solutions to fill your security needs.

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“Using ConnectWise Identify speaks the customer’s language. It has vastly improved our close rate on new customer assessments, which directly leads to a much higher close rate on new managed clients. It raises your game and makes the customer far more likely to want your whole offering. It all starts with risk assessments. It’s the future of all managed IT.”

Karl Bickmore, CEO, SnapTech IT
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