Best Practices in Billable Time & Tech Utilization

If we asked you how much of your billable time you capture and invoice, how close to 100% do you think you’d be?

In the technology services world, billable time continues to be the name of the game, but the average solution provider only bills for 50 – 60% of their technician’s total work time. That means almost half of your technician’s time is spent on activities that don’t make you any money. Try these time-tested techniques to help your business generate more billable time (and profit) without adding a single employee.

Earn more profit from your techs today, with these time-tested techniques to help our business generate more billable time—and profit!—without adding to your headcount. Take a closer look at:

  • Maximizing utilization
  • Understanding the value of your resources
  • Tracking billable time
  • Staying booked up
  • And implementing tips for boosting profit