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ConnectWise Dedicated Technician™

Exclusive level 2 and 3 support

Finding skilled IT professionals is never easy. The time and expense to recruit is a constant challenge and distraction that is impossible to scale when fluctuations in your business demand. ConnectWise Dedicated Technician™ solves resource dilemmas by offering persistent technical expertise and personalized support that really understands your business.

Find The Right Technician

Our Staff Becomes Your Staff

Supplement your in-house team or bring on your first technician without the costs of recruiting and hiring, not to mention no human resource overhead costs. Our dedicated technicians come to you trained and fully onboarded by ConnectWise, so you get the benefits of a technician without the headache of ramp-up.

Technical generalists

Level 2 trained dedicated technicians offer skills to perform many high-demand tasks, including monitoring dashboards and addressing or resolving hot issues, updating tickets in your PSA, resolving issues with non-NOC tools, and routine endpoint device administration and support.

Technical specialists

Level 3 dedicated techs perform all level 2 tasks, plus add the following skills: complex troubleshooting, root cause analysis, solution development, technical resource mentoring, and problem identification to determine and solve issues related to a particular resource or environment.

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