ConnectWise Business Management

Essentials Package

Streamline your business with solutions that meet all your needs

The ConnectWise Business Management Essentials Package covers all the basics for creating more efficient operations to strengthen service delivery and increase customer retention. Set yourself up for success with an industry-leading PSA and tools that deliverreal-time business insights.

What you get with Essentials


Manage and unify core facets of your business from CRM, Project Management, Service Delivery, Sales management and Contract Management in one solution for streamlined operational efficiency and visibility.

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Reporting and Dashboards powered by BrightGauge

With ConnectWise PSA as a connected datasource, your team will be able to create dashboards and reports that provide business insights empowering you to make better business decisions. The Business Management Essentials Package also comes with3 pre-built dashboards right out of the board, designed for the owner, service manager and service technicians in your business.

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WisePay for PSA

Streamline cashflow with WisePay for PSA. Send out Payment Links and Automate Recurring Billing, making it even easier for your customers to pay. 

*Available in Canada, USA, New Zealand and Australia.

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Get the benefits of the ConnectWise Business Management Essentials Package

Manage business operations in one place

Streamline and unify core facets of your business with our industry leading PSA. Use a single tool to manage sales opportunities, project management, service delivery and contracts.

View critical KPIs in prebuilt dashboards

Take advantage of three prebuilt dashboards and one report template specifically designed for the members of your team. The dashboards included are built to bring the right information to the service techs, service manager, and owner in your organization.

Align company - wide communication

Connect the dots of your business operations to improve handoffs for every team and function. Keep everyone moving in a unified direction and increase your ability to grow a happy customer base.

Automate to do more with less

Remove repetitive and tedious tasks and give back time to business growth.Focus on high-priority tasks and build meaningful customer relationships that help drive your business forward.


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This package includes...
Sales Opportunity Management
Service Ticket Management
Project Management
Workflow Automation
Procurement and Inventory
Billing Management
Payment Processing
GL Integration
Everything in Essentials and...
Integrated Chat Feature
Change Approvals
User-Based Billing
Office 365 Billing, Monitoring + Management
BrightGauge Enterprise
ITBoost Premium
Virtual Consulting
CSAT Tracking

Without a plan and a way to measure success and excellence, it’s just smoke and mirrors. BrightGauge helps hold us accountable. Having this data at our fingertips takes the guessing game out of where we can improve.”

Brady Nash, CEO of BNG Team

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