Which PSA is right for my MSP?

| By:
Molly Lindsay

I have to be honest; I’m a bit partial to ConnectWise PSA™ (formerly Manage).  I’ve been with ConnectWise for ten years and have been lucky enough to work with the smartest and most fun colleagues, and our passionate and growing community of technology solution providers (including MSPs and VARs).  I also happen to think that ConnectWise PSA is the best professional services automation (PSA) out there. But this blog isn't about my love for ConnectWise PSA. My goal is to help you make an informed decision to pick the right PSA for your business.

Ten years ago, we were educating MSPs on why they need a PSA. MSPs have since then realized the critical role a PSA plays in their business. "Should we get a PSA?" isn't the question anymore.  A PSA is no longer a choice; it's a must-have. It's a fundamental business requirement.  MSPs are asking, "Which PSA is right for my business, right now?"

“PSA software remains a core requirement for MSPs and IT consulting firms that want to manage tickets,
billing, utilization rates, recurring revenues, and plenty more.”

There's a lot to consider when selecting a PSA. You might already have one and are wondering if it's still a fit for your business.  I'll share some of my favorite things MSPs should consider when thinking about their PSA.

Integrations and APIs matter

PSAs are designed to be the hub of your business, the one source of truth for all business information.  It's where your business lives, where teammates spend the majority of their time.  But it's not the only tool your business uses.  There are hundreds of tools out there that MSPs can use to work faster and provide the best service possible to their customers.  Make sure your PSA has deep integrations with the best-of-breed tools out there. 

Trust and accountability

At ConnectWise, we've had a saying for at least the last 15 years, "If it's not in ConnectWise, it didn't happen."  This mantra is true if you’re using your PSA in the way that it's intended.  A PSA should be your one source of truth, and end to the silos of chaos.  All work, all customers, all assets. Everything should be in ConnectWise PSA. If it's not in ConnectWise PSA, or work happens outside of it, how do you track off of it and report on it?  How do you ensure that all of your clients are taken care of?  And I hate to bring this up, but how do you know your teammates are doing what they're supposed to? When you're tracking everything, there's no second-guessing. There's data that holds everyone accountable. Will your PSA create accountability?

Getting paid faster

Cash flow is critical to your business. Does your PSA capture all the data that you need to invoice clients? What about things that are typically hard to capture, like cloud services, or updates from your RMM tool? Make sure that your system can also help provide clarity to your customers. The last thing you want is to cause friction in your payment process.

As you’re weighing your PSA options, ensure that you’re considering these factors as they could make all the difference. Consider your current state, but also future state. What will work best for your business in a year, three years, or five years from now? As your business grows, you need the right tools in place that will grow with you.