The Strategic Approach to Selling Cloud Services: Closing the Sale

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This post was contributed by guest author Chris Peterson, Co-Founder & President of Vector Firm.

You think you’ve got them right where you want them. Your targeted clients have been educated on both the pros and cons of cloud services. (Remember, sharing only the ‘pros’ is sales, not education). You’ve anticipated their needs and are ready with the solutions. It’s time to go in for the sale.

But beware of a rookie mistake. A wrong move and poof…you may push the client away and all your hard work goes up in smoke. Don’t pounce. Instead, relax and have a conversation.

My final video in this Selling the Cloud series addresses the three conversational phrases to effectively close the sale:

It seems that…

This is where you confirm your customer’s needs as you understand them. ‘It seems that things may be easier if someone else managed your video needs.’ Then stop talking. Not long, just a few seconds to let them pick up the thought and run with it.

This might be a perfect time to…

Whether or not your customer has jumped in at this point, the next phrase connects the solution to the need, offering an idea. ‘This might be a perfect time to look closer at our managed video services.’

Would it make sense to….?

If you’re working with someone in any position of authority, they’re intelligent and probably aware of every hard sell closing technique out there. So go for simple and disarming.

‘Would it make sense to bring in our expert for an initial demo to see if the technology is suitable for you?”

At this point, your customer will probably be ready to move forward. If not, you might have to step back to the nurturing stage. Or—dare I suggest the reality—it may be time to remove that prospect from your targeted list.

Your Action Item

You’ll be amazed at the results of this simple conversational approach. As soon as possible, give it a try with one client or prospect, and see if it helps you close the sale. Be sure to check out all my videos in this series for any tips you may have missed or want to review.


Chris Peterson is the Co-founder & President of Vector Firm. Chris has nearly 20 years of experience in sales leadership, with a focus on developing strategies, processes, and tools for technology businesses in the security space. Well versed in building the tactical details of an effective sales structure, Chris has developed an understanding of the human dynamics that lead to a successful sales organization – connecting strategy to action. Prior to starting Vector Firm, Chris served as Executive Vice President of BRS Labs, Vice President of Business Development for ICx Technologies, and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Digital Infrared Imaging.